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Three signs it is time to get rid of your car

June 5, 2017
Key Hyundai takes trade in every dayNew and used car customers in Connecticut and all over New england all want to get as many miles as we can out of our cars, but when is it time to get rid of it and move on to a nicer newer car?
At Connecticut’s Key Hyundai, it is our mission to help people drive their cars safely for as long as they wish to drive them. But when is it in the customer’s best interest, in both safety and financial, to get rid of that car?
This quick, Nicer, Newer News video shares three concrete signs it’s time to trade in your old car; do any of these ring true for you?
Take a listen:

If you think it’s time to trade in your car and have questions, email me directly at jillcares@keycars.com and Jill will find a solution for you. We want to keep you safe, healthy, and happy on the roads!
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