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A few weeks ago, Channel 30 came to Key Hyundai of Manchester to film a spot about the Hyundai Assurance.  I never saw it on t.v. so I figured I missed it.  But, just a couple of nights ago, I was randomly watching the news when the spot featuring our dealership came on.  It was so cool!  Our business manager, Manny, was interviewed about the Hyundai Assurance program.  Channel 30 had many Hyundai dealerships to come to in Connecticut but they chose ours. We are very proud. This is the third live feed we’ve had on the Hyundai Assurance since it came out. If you are looking for a new Hyundai or a used Hyundai, please visit us on the web at www.driveworryfree.com or www.keycars.com. We service Hartford Hyundai buyers, Manchester Hyundai buyers, New Haven Hyundai buyers, Meriden Hyundai buyers and everywhere in between.

There is a video on the Channel 30 website but my weak tech skills are preventing me from figuring out how to get it into this post. So, check out the article the old-fashioned way – in writing.

Pink Slip Protection, WVIT Channel 30

In this tough economy, chances are you’re not looking to buy a new car or take a luxurious vacation. But a new trend might have you thinking otherwise.

Car manufacturers including Hyundai, Ford and General Motors are offering programs that pitch in when customers are in a pinch.
It’s called pink slip marketing and it’s aimed at getting consumers to spend big in tight times. Under the trend, some businesses now offer money back guarantees for people who spend big and then lose their jobs.

“From the consumer’s perspective, some kind of guarantee that if they lose their job they won’t have to pay the bill is a real incentive because it reduces the perceived risk in making the purchase,” Margery Steinberg, a marketing professor at the University of Hartford, said.

Car manufacturers including Hyundai, Ford and General Motors are offering programs that pitch in when customers are in a pinch.

Under the Hyundai Assurance Plan, the company will make your monthly payments for three months after getting the can. After that, if you’re still unable to afford the car, they’ll take your car back at market value and pay off your remaining loan up to $7,500.

At Key Hyundai of Manchester, customers are talking about the incentive, business manager Manny Gonzalez said.

“At times like this, what people are looking for is affordability, and a product like Hyundai is affordable,” Gonzalez said. “It has a very good warranty and now being backed up fully with the assurance makes it that much more solid.”

High-end clothier Jos. A. Bank is offering a risk-free suit deal for customers who purchased suits during its recent sale. Under the deal, the company will refund $199 to customers who purchased a suit but now find themselves out of work. The customers can also keep the suit.

If the economy is leaving you reluctant to travel, try shopping around for trip insurance. Some companies like Travel Guard, Apple Vacations and the Norwegian Cruise Line will now refund your money if you purchase insurance and then cancel after losing your job.

“It’s just a good thing for people and a smart move for the economy,” said Graham Hird, the owner of Copper Travels in Enfield.

According to Steinberg, such marketing trends are helping companies break even or turn a profit in this slow economy.

“The business that they’re driving by reducing the perceived risk overcomes some of the money that they’re going to have to pay out,” she said.

Truckload of Used Hyundais Coming to Key Hyundai in CT

At Key Hyundai of Manchester, CT’s new Hyundai and used Hyundai dealer, we have noticed a huge surge in used Hyundai business in the last month.  We actually have had to go out of state to buy used Hyundai’s for our CT used Hyundai buyer in order to get enough of them.  In the last two weeks we’ve brought truckloads of used Hyundais into CT from Las Vegas, Chicago and Pennsylvania.  And, we’ve sold over 20 of them in two weeks.  We ask ourselves, “is this increase in used car business due to a change in focus on our part or on the consumer’s part?”  I think the answer is both.  This is that funky time of year when the 2008 Hyundai inventory is all but sold down and the rebates aren’t strong enough yet on the 2009 new car inventory to drive volume.  So, we as dealers turn to selling used cars and the consumer sees the value in used cars.  It’s always amazing to me as a CT car dealer how well Economics 101 works – there is a supply and demand curve that meet in the middle based on price sensitivity.  With the advent of the Internet, today’s car shopper reacts much quicker to changes in pricing and changes in rebates.   You can click on the two links below to see our used car inventory in our Manchester Hyundai location and our Milford Hyundai location:



At Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford, we serve the entire state of Connecticut for all your new Hyundai needs, used Hyundai needs and used car needs of all kinds. We are very proud of how we procure your used car, how we treat it once it’s here and how we price it. Check out all the details on our website at:


Come to Key Hyundai for Low Mileage Used Sonatas in CT

My brother Jeff and our sales manager, Tom Godbout, just got back from a trip to Manheim auction in Chicago to buy used Sonata’s that are perfect for CT’s used car buyer.  At Key Hyundai, CT’s Hyundai and CT’s used car dealer, we know that you are looking for value in this crazy economy.  These used Sonatas are really special.    They have very low miles and they come with the full factory warranty of 10 years/100,000.  If you are a CT used car buyer, you owe it to yourself to look at these used Sonatas.  You can find them on our website at http://www.driveworryfree.com/used_cars  We are proud of our used cars and the value that we offer at Key Hyundai of Manchester.  Click here to view all the benefits of buying a used car in CT at Key Hyundai of Manchester http://www.driveworryfree.com/pre-owned.html

Key Hyundai Sees Imitation of Hyundai Assurance Continuing

First we saw Autonation imitate the Hyundai Assurance and now Ford and GM have followed suite.  At Key Hyundai of Manchester, CT’s Hyundai dealer, we actually think this is good news for Hyundai.  Hyundai hit the nail on the head with the Hyundai Assurance, taking the fear out of the car buying experience.  Now, everyone else wants in.  The reality is that Toyota and Honda probably won’t imitate Hyundai.  It would be too embarrassing for them.  But, Ford and GM have no choice – they are past the point of egg on the face mattering much.  They are in a fight for their survival.  And, at Key Hyundai of Manchester, we hope they do survive.  We know many local families that would be greatly impacted if the American manufacturers went out of the business.

Now is a great time to buy a Hyundai, with the incentives as all-time highs, America’s Best Warranty and the Hyundai Assurance Plus you won’t be disappointed.  For more details on the Hyundai Assurance Plus, visit Key Hyundai’s website at: http://www.driveworryfree.com/hyundai_assurance.html 

Here is an article in the Boston Herald comparing all three buyback programs available in the market.

Automakers hope buyers are assured
By Steven Cole Smith / The Orlando Sentinel  |   Friday, April 10, 2009  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Automotive

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Hyundai must be blushing.

For the second time in its relatively short history here – Hyundai only began selling cars in the United States in 1986 – the South Korean manufacturer has found a marketing gimmick that forced competitors to copy it. Ford and General Motors announced this week that they were offering their own versions of Hyundai’s “Assurance” program, which makes your payments for a while if you lose your job.

GM’s program is called the “Total Confidence” plan, and Ford calls its plan the “Ford Advantage.” Still more manufacturers may jump on the bandwagon.

The first time Hyundai rocked the market was a decade ago, when the company offered a five-year, 60,000-mile overall warranty, and a 10-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, with part of that powertrain warranty transferable to a subsequent owner, so long as he or she was a family member.

Hyundai products had been selling well enough, but miserable resale value kept sending customers back to Honda and Toyota. The boosted warranty played a major role in nearly doubling Sonata sales in 1999. Since Hyundai showed it had confidence in its products by the strong warranty, customers began to have confidence, too. Many other manufacturers were forced to respond with beefed-up warranties of their own.

And now comes the Hyundai Assurance plan, instituted in the first week of January. Finance or lease any new Hyundai, “and if in the next year you lose your income, we’ll let you return it,” the company says. Plus, “If you lose your income, we’ll make your payments for three months while you get back on your feet, and if that’s not enough time to work things out, you can return the car with no impact on your credit.”

There is, of course, fine print, but not that much – it’s designed to prevent you from, say, buying a car on Thursday, knowing you will be laid off from your job on Friday, and driving around in a free Hyundai until it’s time to give it back. Get fired for cause and the deal is off. The maximum “benefit” is $7,500.

You must be employed when you buy the car, and “you have to make payments on the car for at least two months,” says Chris Hosford, California-based director of public relations for Hyundai. So far the company hasn’t had to take back any cars, but that’s no surprise: If you make those two months of payments, and Hyundai makes three months, it seems likely people won’t be turning cars back in until later in the year.

“We do expect to get some back,” Hosford says. “But we don’t really know how many. It depends so much on the economy and the job market.”

Has it helped? Oh, yes. “We figure it has boosted our sales by about 10 percent,” Hosford says. That, coupled with the fact that Hyundai actually increased its advertising budget for the first part of the year, including high-profile ads on the Super Bowl and Academy Awards telecasts, has helped Hyundai increase overall sales this year, one of only four brands to do so. Smart, Subaru and Kia were the other three.

So what are Ford and General Motors offering?

Ford (this includes Lincoln and Mercury) will make your payments for up to 12 months, as high as $700 per payment. You must be employed for at least 90 days before the purchase and at least 30 days afterward. You must take delivery by June 1. A couple of hybrid vehicles, the Shelby Mustang and some larger trucks are not eligible.

GM (this includes all brands but Saab, plus larger trucks) will make your payments for up to nine months, for payments as high as $500 if you “purchase or lease any eligible new 2008, 2009 or 2010 GM vehicle April 1, 2009, through April 30, 2009,” the company says. “You have to be employed when you buy the vehicle, and remain employed for 90 more days. Then, if you lose your job due to economic conditions during the next 21 months, you are eligible for benefits. If you lose your job for other reasons, you may not be covered.”

Now, the big question: Auto sales for March 2009 were down sharply from March 2008 for most everyone: Ford was down 42.1 percent, GM 44.7 percent, Chrysler 39.3 percent, Toyota 39 percent, Honda 36.3 percent, Nissan 37.7 percent. Can anything help?

“By tracking consumer behavior on our site, we can see that the company’s advertising message is clearly resonating with consumers who hadn’t previously been considering a Hyundai,” says Ray Sibulkin, senior traffic analyst for the informational Web site Edmunds.com. “The company’s Assurance Plus program provides its buyers peace of mind during an uncertain economy, and that’s proving to be one of the auto industry’s only truly motivating messages right now.”

Here at Key Hyundai, we hope to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated purchase decision.  At Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford, we welcome at questions you have about Hyundai whether you are a Hartford Hyundai customer, an Enfield Hyundai customer, a Willimantic Hyundai customer, a Meriden Hyundai customer or anywhere in between.   Please visit our sister store at www.keycars.com

Hyundai offers Amazing Safety Features

When Hyundai was down in the dumps in the late 1980’s they decided that in order to make a come back, they had to focus on quality.  One of Hyundai’s huge quality pushes was on safety.  Over the years, Hyundai has enhanced the safety features and offers class leading safety features in all of their vehicles.  We at Key Hyundai, CT’s Hyundai dealer,  feel so strongly that it’s a selling point that we dedicate a whole section of our website to Hyundai’s safety features.  Click here to check it out:  http://www.driveworryfree.com/safety.html

We recently came across this crazy article from NBC Philadelpia highlighting in a real life example how safe Hyundais are.  Check it out:

OMG – He Walked Away from This!

It was like a scene out of a movie. A man driving on Route 31 had his car crushed by a tanker truck.

He walked away without a scratch.

Ernest Tkac made a left-hand turn on Route 31 (Pennington Road) near Crest Avenue in Hopewell Township, N.J. Tuesday afternoon.

His little car came to a screeching halt right under the mid-section of the tanker, which was carrying municipal waste, police told  The Trentonian.

“The belly of the truck was actually tall enough in the middle for the Hyundai Elantra to get under it. But the back wheels of the truck began wedging the car, and denting it, dragging it under there for perhaps 30 feet,” according to the officer.

Witnesses were amazed when Tkac, a retired engineering drafting salesman who lives in Bucks County, Pa., stepped out of his car with a big smile on his face.

“Sometimes we get lucky,” said township Police Chief George Meyer.

The officer drove the Hyundai car right out from under the truck. The tanker went on it’s merry way and the officer drove Tkac over to the local Hyundai dealership, where Ernie decided he’d just go ahead and get a new car.

“Good car,” Ernie said. “One of the best cars in the world.”

Tkac did get a traffic ticket for failing to stay to the right.

Here at Key Hyundai, CT’s Hyundai dealer, we hope you found this story about the safety features in the Hyundai Elantra as fascinating as we did.  We know that whether you are a Hyundai Hartford customer, a Hyundai Enfield customer, a Hyundai Meriden customer or anywhere in between that Hyundai’s safety is important to you.  Visit Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford on the web at www.driveworryfree.com


Key Hyundai Announces New Business Development Center

Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford are proud to announce that we just launched our new Business Development Center.  We did it because we saw a need in the market for customers to be assigned a customer service representative at the outset of the car buying experience.  Key Hyundai, CT’s Hyundai dealer, has hired four terrific customer service representatives, each with many years experience.  Now, when you contact our dealerships through our websites at www.driveworryfree.com or www.keycars.comyour request will be responded to by one of these representatives.  They will stay in contact with you throughout buying experience to make sure you are completely satisfied every step of the way.  In addition, our Business Development Center will handle all incoming calls to the sales department and to the operator.  At Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford, we look at the current economic environment as an opportunity to continuously improve our service.  If you are in the market for a new Hyundai or a used car, please reach out to us.  We are CT’s Hyundai dealers, serving Hartford Hyundai buyers, Enfield Hyundai buyers, New Haven Hyundai buyers and everywhere in between.  We look forward to helping you with your next Hyundai purchase.  Now is a great time to buy a new Hyundai with peace of mind from Hyundai Assurance Plus and America’s Best Warranty.

Key Hyundai Wonders: What happens to the Hyundai Tiburon?

Here at Key Hyundai, CT’s Hyundai dealer, we’ve been wondering if the Hyundai Tiburon will ever be seen again now that the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is out. We know that the Hyundai Tiburon is being discontinued with this model year. But, what does it’s future hold? We’ll we just read an article in Automotive News that clears up the mystery. Hyundai says that there will be a successor to the Hyundai Tiburon and that it will be a smaller and less expensive car. The Hyundai Tiburon will be positioned below the current Tiburon (and I assume below the Hyundai Genesis Coupe) and will be released in 2011.

According to John Krafcik, Hyundai’s CEO, “it will have a lower price point, kind of eco sport positioning, where it is not going to be all about performance.”

That sounds pretty good to us at Key Hyundai of Manchester. We are surrounded by a lot of colleges, including UCONN, Manchester Community College and Central Connecticut. The new Hyundai Tiburon sounds like it will appeal to a lot of people in that 18-25 year old age range.

We do still have a couple of brand new 2008 Hyundai Tiburons left. And, who knows, they could become collectors items (okay, a little humor doesn’t hurt).   There is a huge rebate on those cars so make sure to take advantage of it before they are gone. Visit our website to see all the current Hyundai rebates.


At Key Hyundai of Manchester, we want to help you get into a new or pre-owned Hyundai whether you are a Hyundai Hartford buyer, a Hyundai Enfield buyer, a Hyundai Meriden buyer, or anywhere in between.  And, don’t forget to check out our award winning service department.   We are proud to be Connecticut’s Hyundai dealer.

Automotive Industry Reports Retail Sales for March

Once again Hyundai continues to buck the trend and report sales each month this year that are up, flat or less down than the industry.  What we are seeing at Key Hyundai of Manchester is that as consumers are searching for value, Hyundai is on their consideration list like never before.   Hyundai continues to benefit from the strong relationship of the won to the dollar.  In fact, the won is 33% stronger now than it was when Hyundai did it’s planning last year.  That’s allowed Hyundai to keep it’s prices reasonable and to continue to pass on strong incentives to the consumer.  Last month, Key Hyundai of Manchester, CT’s Hyundai dealer, saw strong sales of the remainder of our 2008 Hyundai Elantras.  Although business was robust, we found that people were value conscious and willing to drive to us from almost anywhere to get the best deal.  We had many Hartford Hyundai buyers, Enfield Hyundai buyers and even a few Meriden Hyundai buyers come our way.  This month, we are heavily discounting the 2009 Hyundai Sonata in order to drive volume and reduce some of our Hyundai Sonata inventory.  You can find our current ad on our website, www.driveworryfree.com, or in the Reminder Newspaper.  

If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of the auto numbers, all the manufacturers sales are listed below.  The percentage changes are all year over year so they look a bit daunting.  The brighter story is that on a month over month basis, the auto industry actually saw a slight increase (which you would expect given the seasonality in our business). 

U.S. light-vehicle sales (all manufacturers have reported)
Automaker Mar. 2009 Mar. 2008 Pct. chng. 3 month 2009 3 month 2008 Pct. chng.
BMW Group* 21,161 27,441 –22.9% 51,352 68,640 –25.2%
Chrysler LLC** 101,001 166,386 –39.3% 247,208 453,871 –45.5%
Daimler AG*** 17,363 22,565 –23.1% 45,216 61,132 –26.0%
Ford Motor Co.**** 131,102 226,448 –42.1% 323,193 581,784 –44.4%
General Motors***** 155,334 280,713 –44.7% 409,702 800,376 –48.8%
Honda (American)† 88,379 138,734 –36.3% 230,985 352,642 –34.5%
Hyundai Group†† 65,445 67,667 –3.3% 164,747 163,552 0.7%
Isuzu 583 165 1,907 –91.3%
Jaguar Land Rover‡ 3,422 8,596
Maserati 92 250 –63.2% 247 585 –57.8%
Mazda 21,974 32,929 –33.3% 53,795 77,689 –30.8%
Mitsubishi 4,620 10,750 –57.0% 13,834 27,082 –48.9%
Nissan††† 66,634 106,921 –37.7% 174,767 269,745 –35.2%
Porsche 1,749 2,467 –29.1% 4,925 6,777 –27.3%
Subaru 16,249 16,686 –2.6% 41,532 40,882 1.6%
Suzuki 7,981 10,510 –24.1% 15,131 26,430 –42.8%
Toyota‡ 132,802 217,729 –39.0% 359,671 571,747 –37.1%
VW‡‡‡ 22,254 27,831 –20.0% 58,195 71,967 –19.1%
Other (estimate) 420 579 –27.5% 1,260 1,737 –27.5%
TOTAL 857,982 1,357,189 –36.8% 2,204,521 3,578,545 –38.4%

Numbers in this table are calculated by Automotive News based on actual monthly sales reported by the manufacturers and may differ from numbers reported elsewhere.
Source: Automotive News Data Center
Note: Other includes estimates for Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus

  • Includes Mini and Rolls-Royce
  • *DaimlerChrysler sold the Chrysler group on Aug. 3, 2007
  • **Incudes Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart
  • ***Includes Jaguar and Land Rover (through May 31, 2008) and Volvo
  • ****Includes Saab

†Includes Honda Division and Acura
††Includes Hyundai and Kia
†††Includes Nissan Division and Infiniti
‡Tata Motors includes Jaguar and Land Rover as of June 1, 2008
‡‡Includes Toyota Division, Lexus and Scion
‡‡‡Includes VW, Audi and Bentley

Reprinted from Automotive News.