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Fireworks, Fourth and Key Hyundai Milford Post Mall Fun!

Key Hyundai Milford Mall fireworks

Key Hyundai going to Milford Mall Fireworks July 1

Key Hyundai is hitting the Milford Post Mall this Friday for the mall’s Red, White & Blue Spectacular to kick off a month long celebration of wheels & deals at Key!

We’ll be at the the Milford Post Mall, also known as the Post Mall … aka Westfield Connecticut Post … aka Connecticut Post Mall, Milford Mall … any others? You know where we mean!

Key Hyundai is setting up shop here for the Red, White & Blue Spectacular: A Salute to Connecticut Kids & Fireworks Show with bands, goodies galore, and fireworks high over the sky come dark. It’s going to be a great day!

Going to the fireworks? Come early and stop by and say hi! We’ll have a 40 mpg Hyundai inside at center court, and another outside near Dick’s, with staff on hand to answer questions and set up appointments should you care for a test-drive!

Key Hyundai is tenting it on the upper level of the parking garage, outside Dick’s Sporting Goods, and will have a 2011 hot-selling Elantra to check out, water to give away, fun stuff for the kids, and Key Hyundai’s on-site, all-new For The People Credit Approval Process. Plus coupons for trade-ins that will BLOW YOUR MIND and get you in a nicer, new car sooner than you think.

Happy July everybody! Stop by Milford CT Post Mall and pay us a visit, grab a coupon, save some serious cash!

Rockville High ‘Project Graduation’ Gives Away Key Hyundai Car June 22

Key Hyundai and Rockville High School ready for Project Graduation

Jill Merriam with Vernon Rockville High School students and VIPs

Wednesday, June 22 is Rockville High School in Vernon, Connecticut graduates the Class of 2011. Parents, families, teachers, staff and friends will cry, laugh, marvel and be so very proud of these hard-working kids and the milestone they’ve successfully reached.

Later that evening, the graduates will celebrate at Project Graduation: a 20+ year substance-free celebration where the kids can party all night long, and say good-bye to high school, and hello to the rest of their lives.

When precisely at 4:00 am, one lucky graduate will become the proud owner of a 2005, gently used, thoroughly Key Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Santa Fe: an unbelievably great, one-owner, Key Hyundai serviced Santa Fe.

2005 Key Hyundai Santa Fe for Rockville High CT grad!

Perfect for the commuting grad.

Or graduate hitting the workforce full steam ahead.

Or the freshman ready to pack up 18 years of stuff to cram into a dorm room for ‘higher learning.’

Or even trade-in, and receive the stock-my-lot trade-in allowance to put towards another vehicle.

The Key Hyundai Santa Fe is all theirs.

And I’m so honored and happy to be part of an organization, Rockville High’s Project Graduation, that does so much with to keep our young graduates safe and happy, and raring to go for part 2 of their young lives.

CT Key Hyundai Kittens Win Over Service Department

Key Hyundai Milford kittens

The newest addition to Key Hyundai of Milford

Funny thing happened on the way to the service storage unit at Key Hyundai of Milford on an early Thursday morning.

The soft but not so quiet cooing of kittens quickly sidetracked our service guys to look under the building. Nestled in a corner hiding spot, were 3 crazy-cute kittens. Key Kittens, because we’re really just a big bunch of softies, over here at Key Hyundai in Connecticut.

A litter of kittens was found, clearly old enough to be without mom, quite friendly and quite cute, and too adorable to pass by.

So we didn’t.

Instead, they found homes for the day in the service department, and by the end of the day, with Key Hyundai family. Some staff, some customers.

And while I was big on naming them Sonata, Elantra and Accent, apparently their new owners have different ideas.

Bummer. I already miss those guys.

Mountain Lion 0; Hyundai Tucson 1

Key Hyundai mountain lion

New to these here parts!

Weird news of the weekend.

Here in New England, a Mountain Lion was killed on a Connecticut roadway, right up the road from Key Hyundai of Milford, on the Wilbur Cross Highway. By a Hyundai Tucson. May or may not be a Key Hyundai, but it was in fact, a Hyundai. No news on the damage to the vehicle, and the driver, thankfully, was not hurt, but the 140 lb lion didn’t fare so well.

He (or she?) is officially the first mountain lion roadkill in Connecticut.

Here’s the thing: Connecticut is not known for its mountains. And it’s certainly not known for roadkill of the mountain lion variety.

Deer? Sure!

Squirrel, racoon, woodchuck, and oppossum? Check, check, check and o-check!

And even the occasional moose.

And bear.

But mountain lion?

Nope. That’s a new one. And there seems to be plenty of additional sightings as well, some 60 miles south in Greenwich, leaving us to believe there may, in fact, be more. And man, do these cats have an unbearable commute come rush hour.

Big Goings On at Connecticut Key Hyundai of Manchester

More for the People from Key Hyundai!

Construction of Key Hyundai Manchester to begin soon!

Lots of excitement at Key Hyundai of Manchester these days. We’re about to embark on a massive, and I do mean MASSIVE, expansion of the CT Vernon car dealership to nearly twice its size once construction is completed by January 2012.

Key Hyundai of Manchester will remain open for business during the $2.5 million construction, with all service taking place in a previously renovated facility on site, and sales and customer areas available in fancy-pants modular trailers brought in just for us! Take a look:

Not so fancy from the outside, but inside? Wowzy! Key Hyundai staff is already saying the trailers are nicer than our existing facility – exactly why we’re tearing down the old and tired 1950s building. It’s long overdue! The uncomfortable and unpractical building will be replaced it with – WAA-LAA – so much MORE than you can even imagine!

Open for business throughout construction with MORE for the People from me, Jill Merriam, Dealer for the People! Manchester customers: Watch your mailbox for special offers throughout our renovation! MORE comfort … MORE value … MORE fun … MORE specials and deals for CT Key Hyundai customers!

Congratulations Key Hyundai of CT Facebook fans!

Find fun car facts, CT links, and sweet deals on Key Hyundai Facebook page!

Congrats to Key Hyundai Facebook fans and Key Hyundai customers Trip Barnett, Colleen Egan Stewart, Jennifer Hoffnagle King, and Dana Bock-Decoteau, for posting fun Memorial Day Weekend stay-cation and vacation photos on Facebook! Each of these fine folk received a certificate for $10 oil changes for an entire year. Pretty sweet way to kick off summer!

Like Key Hyundai on Facebook, and see for yourself how easy it is to win sweet deals like this. Lots more giveaways and contests and fun are in the works to celebrate the Key Hyundai of Manchester huge complete tear down and new construction! “Like” Key Hyundai on Facebook, and follow me, Jill Merriam, the Dealer for the People, on Twitter @KeyHyundai for more fun deals, cool Connecticut facts, and Hyundai news and updates!