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Key Hyundai of Manchester Move In January 9th, 2012!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year! What does every Dealer For The People want for the holidays?

Besides world peace, happy customers, loyal employees, and community enrichment?

A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY for Key Hyundai of Manchester!

Which is exactly what we got!!

This is the culmination of our massive, MORE for you $2.5 million renovation project at Key Hyundai of Manchester!

That’s right folks, we’re good to go! This January (our targeted date, by the way) is when we are in our new & improved, MORE comfortable,  MORE convenient,  MORE service oriented, MORE fun, MORE fan-tabulous Hyundai facility!

It’s been a long road, and staying open during the construction hasn’t been easy, but we made it work thanks to the hardest working employees in the car business! In any business! And we could not have done this nor would we want to, without you, the customers that trust us everyday to get them in the car they want at the payment they can afford.

Come visit us on Route 83 on Vernon | Manchester town line, and as of January 9th, we’ll be in and wheeling and dealing in our rockin’ new building!

It’s amazing, it’s better than I ever expected, and will bring your MORE value, MORE solutions, MORE financing, MORE comfort, convenience, and class to Connecticut car buyers.

We’re in January 9th, but the grand opening par-tay won’t be until February and not to worry, you’re invited!

Why My Local-Yocal Connecticut Car Dealership Means So Much

Did my monthly radio spot with my good friend Jim, when we started talking about what an amazing year it’s been at Key Hyundai. Got me thinking, and yada-yada-yadding, and waa-laa!

Here are the results:

a quick overview of our phenomenal year at Key Hyundai, not just selling cars, but meeting amazing folks who have a story to tell. An amazing year of resilience against storms, construction, and economic fallout.

And yet our employees, our customers, our friends and family all prevail with a New England hearty work ethic, a devotion to family, and a great sense of humor!

I am forever humbled by my customers, my employees, and the community where I live and work.

Key Hyundai of Milford Pays for Good Grades!

Again, a straggler post … since this writing Milford students have been flocking to our Milford dealership, and we have met the most amazing families ever! Check out our Key Hyundai Facebook page for more photos, but here’s the first of many updates on this crazy, popular promotion!

Our never-been-done-in-the-history-of-time-and-maybe-even-longer Pays for A’s campaign is off and running! Our very first scholars from Jonathan Law High School in Milford arrived with their parent and their report card showing off several academic As.

So Key Hyundai of Milford forked over the $$$ to these smarty-pants students!

We paid up! Ten bucks in Westfield Post Mall Milford gift cards for every academic A. These girls cleaned up! And our sales staff is so loving meeting and talking with these students, each and every one is a marvel. We have so much to be proud of in these kids!

Report cards are out for Joseph A. Foran High School as well, and Platt Tech and Academy students can cash in when their first marking period ends in December!

Bring in those As, bring your student ID, and a parent or guardian and Key Hyundai of Milford will Pay for A’s at 566 Bridgeport Avenue,  Milford Connecticut!

Winner is….

Blog revamping left this great post lost in the archives! So sorry…. pretend the date posted is November 1st, go ahead, close your eyes and go back in time! Here you go!

Key Hyundai’s first ever Old Car Nightmare video contest netted one group of creative boys, and proud mama Dorothy McCafferty, a October Prize Package valued at over $1000!  The McCafferty’s will share gift certificates to Best Buy (for the TV of their choice!), too much candy for any one family to have in their home, scary horror flicks to watch, car detailing from Key Hyundai of Milford, and the bragging rights for a year!

Thanks to all our Facebook friends for playing along, thanks for your patience as we work out the kinds, and we know each contest will build better relationships with our customers and dish out great prizes!

Please check out our Key Hyundai facebook page to check out the winning Key Hyundai Old Car Nightmare video, as I can’t seem to figure out how to post the video here! (If I figure it out, I’ll be back!)