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Key Hyundai January Spring Fever in Connecticut

Sending some winter warmth to Connecticut

Can you feel it, Connecticut? Are you loving this January sun?

Hartford, Milford, Fairfield, New Haven, Trumbull, Vernon – all of the Key Hyundai Connecticut is experiencing some pretty wacky weather these days! Instead of skiing and sledding, there’s soccer and golf, and quite a few Hyundai and Key-certified used car test drives with windows open, sunroofs cranked and music blasting OUTSIDE! I guess this is our payback to last year’s record snowfall – 55 and sunny on January 31st!

It’s a beautiful weather to check out the cars we have at Key Hyundai. Don’t need to buy now, just stop by on a sunny afternoon and check out what we’ve got: cuz we’ve got a lot (full of nicer,newer cars!!)!

2012: The year of the Key Hyundai Customer

I’ve made this year’s business goal to follow last year’s emphasis on leadership: 2012 is the year of the Key Hyundai customer. Actually, every year is the year of the customer, but this year, I’m focusing specifically on our existing customers, how to nurture and care for them long after they buy a car from us. To create long term relationships, even more than those we have now. I want to sell to my customer’s kids when it’s their time to buy. I want to help families get into bigger cars, or smaller cars, as families wax and wane and needs change. I want to help people get to work, to home, to school, and where ever they need to be to live the life they want to lead.

New customers always expect the deal, the extras, the special offers, discount financing, wheels and deals. But the existing customers deserve all that and more, and Key Hyundai is dedicated to making sure they are the VIPs of our customer base, and we will reward them for doing so not just when they buy a car, but all year long.

Don’t forget: FREE Food, Great Live Music, and Raffles on Feb 12 at Key Hyundai of Manchester!

You’re Invited to the Key Hyundai MORE Love Open House Celebration at Key Hyundai of Manchester, to show off our new place! Stop by on Sunday, February 12th 11-3:00pm for some scrumptious Brunch, great live jazz, raffles for great service deals, and lots and lots of LOVE.

Why You Should Service Your Car with Key Hyundai

Reasons why you should service your car with factory-authorized service at Key Hyundai of Milford or Key Hyundai of Manchester.

Too often, customers think dealer rated service is a rip off, but I’m here to tell you not only is it not a rip-off, but at Key Hyundai it is an affordable, convenient way to keep your nicer, newer car in tip-top shape.

Our service guys and gals at Key Hyundai pride ourselves in providing top-notch, customized, professional service at quick-lube rates with value and personalized service specific to your specific make, model and lifestyle.

And here’s what I have to say about that:

What does this all mean to Hyundai owners all over Connecticut . . . in Hartford, Fairfield, Trumbull, Milford and Vernon?

It means we know who you are, what you drive, and how to get your car in, out, and on the road again so you can get back to work, life, and wherever your Key car may take you.

It means we know your name when you drive into the Key Hyundai shop.

It means we know if you want a loaner, or a ride, or cream in your coffee.

It means we know you work nights, or weekends, or need that car for Meals on Wheels deliveries or to get your kid to soccer.

We know you as much as we know your car. We know what you drive. And we will keep your car running smoothly with certified, highly trained techs, so you can Drive Worry Free for the life of your car.

Ready, Set, Celebrate at Key Hyundai of Manchester OPEN HOUSE

Jill Merriam, Hartford Hyundai, Connecticut Hyundai, Key Hyundai of ManchesterTime to party at Key Hyundai of Manchester!!! Save the date right now for Sunday, February 12, for a MORE LOVE Open House Brunch at Key Hyundai of Manchester to celebrate the grand opening of our new facility!

We’ve been racking our brains to decide how to best share our joy with the Grand Opening of a long-overdue Key Hyundai of Manchester.


Valentine’s day?

It’s perfect!

MORE love and MORE appreciation of course! And add some great music, delicious food, fabulous prizes and lots of fun and we’ve got ourselves a par-tay!

Our new facility is open and I for one, couldn’t be prouder. It’s everything we hoped for and MORE!

We promised MORE for you Connecticut! MORE options, MORE comfort, MORE solutions, MORE financing, MORE value and while a building certainly doesn’t provide these things alone, it houses the tremendous Key Hyundai employees that do. We’re here to give you, Connecticut, MORE.

Customers have been trickling in and lovin’ the service area. The cozy customer lounge. The nicer, newer building! I’ve been getting tons of emails and tweets about how we’re jazzin’ up Route 83 in Vernon!

Come celebrate the new Key Hyundai of Manchester built to stay, service and provide nicer, newer cars to our community right here in Vernon Connecticut. We ain’t going anywhere!

We’re hosting a MORE Love Open House to show off the new place, relax, and celebrate a job well done. Please join us!

Key Hyundai MORE LOVE Open House

Key Hyundai of Manchester

21 Hartford Tpke | Route 83 Vernon Connecticut

Sunday, February 12, 2012    11-3:00 pm

Music, Food, Fun, Raffles and lots & lots of Love!

Hope to see you there!

2012 Great Start for Connecticut Key Hyundai

Shiny new Key Hyundai of Manchester Service area!

Wowzee wow-wow.

A brand new $2.5 million Key Hyundai facility in Vernon Connecticut to replace an old, tired, 1950s has-been duct-tape together building we’ve been selling, servicing and financing cars out of for 10 years.


MORE Hyundai 40 mpgers and a sleek body design that has the cars almost selling themselves. Used car options second to done, and the financing to make it happen.

Woot, woot!

Our Milford dealership has beat their numbers again. And again. And again. Customers are sending in friends and family with a never been done before referral program that PAYS them cold hard cash for their referrals. Fairfield County car buyers flood Milford Key Hyundai for that one-on-one personal attention, and the trade-in offers that can’t be beat. By anyone.

Woot, woot, woot!

An over the top presence in two local malls, letting Connecticut car consumers see up close and personal exactly what Hyundai has to offer. A Pays for A’s program that shelled out nearly $10,000 to local high school students for good grades!

Woot x 4!

And then, the North American Car of the Year: the 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

Wowzee-wow-wow. Happy 2012 Connecticut. Happy, happy, happy Key Hyundai indeed!