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Nicer, Newer News: The Car Factory Invoice

You’re a car dealer? For real???

Answer me this, then: What’s the deal with factory invoice?

Whether I’m at a kid’s birthday party or a dinner party, the first thing people ask when they find out I’m a Connecticut Hyundai car dealer is the same: what’s up with the factory invoice?

People ask me time and time again all over Connecticut: what’s up with the factory invoice? Is it for real, or a selling ploy or prop? So to kick off my fantastic video series, Nicer, Newer News with Jill Merriam I’m tackling just this:

What is Factory Invoice & Why You Should Care:


Party Time at Key Hyundai of Manchester

Key Hyundai of Manchester in Vernon, CT

All those pre-party jitters were for nothing!

I was so nervous no one would show up to our little celebration, that winter weather would strike, that people would avoid a Connecticut car dealer celebration on a Sunday afternoon in February. Boy was I wrong!

Key Hyundai’s Grand Opening Celebration had a MORE Love theme, party to encompass Valentines Day and all the hearts and flowers, but mostly to honor the love and appreciation I have for my customers, employees, vendors, family and friends that supported us throughout our huge 6 month long construction project in Vernon at Key Hyundai of Manchester. (HUGE shout out to Claris Construction, a CT company who got the job done on time and extraordinarily well!!!!)

I planned this little soire to share MORE love with the Vernon, Manchester community, but guess what! I was the one showered with love and appreciation! Soooooooo many customers came, that they were lined up introducing themselves to me and each other.

Everyone had a story to share: how Key Hyundai made a difference in their lives.

How a service advisor went above and beyond. How financing helped improve bad credit ratings. How trade-in deals got them into a car they never dreamed they could own. Story after story…it was so heartfelt, the MORE love I expected to give, I received instead!

Senator Blumenthal with me and my brother Jeff!

Legislative bigwigs came, not to toot their own horn, but to toot Key Hyundai’s! The Vernon Mayor, George Apel, gave the most wonderful proclamation. Local congressman showed and even though he RSVP’d only days before, I highly doubted Senator Richard Blumenthal would actually show up.

But he did!

And without pretense, an entourage, or media. Just him, and he spoke with my customers, my employees, and family about business, family, and what he can do to help make CT business a success. Pretty classy, and much more down-to-earth than I ever imagined.

But not as nearly as impressive as the scores of customers, employees and vendors that came to honor the completion of Key Hyundai in Vernon CT. One customer, Sandra Fierstein, said it perfectly when she told me,

“This is so wonderful. Like a family party on a Sunday afternoon!”

Made my day. Thanks everybody, for sharing the love!