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Key Hyundai Vernon Customer Complaint Turns FTC Positively Positive

Key Hyundai of Manchester in Vernon faced scrutiny when the FTC noticed YouTube videos without necessary disclaimers. Despite the fact that Key Hyundai are solution providers getting hundreds of Connecticut car buyers into nicer newer cars, the FTC painted Key Hyundai with the broad “deceptive advertising” brush.

William and Yvonne, Vernon Connecticut Key Hyundai customers know differently about Jill Merriam and Key Hyundai customer service. Bill was very vocal with a Key Hyundai customer service snafu that left him UNSATISFIED. But after a series of Facebook posts, emails, phone calls, and a face-to-face with Jill Merriam, he found out exactly why Jill is the Dealer For The People.

Here’s what happened at Key Hyundai Vernon, and how an unhappy customer left with a new car and new friend in the Dealer For The People.

Key Hyundai Milford vs FTC video series planned

Key Hyundai Milford and Key Hyundai Vernon has faced national scrutiny by the FTC for neglected disclaimers in YouTube videos.

Jill Merriam, owner of Key Hyundai of  Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, and one of the most honest, reputable automotive dealers in the business (says hundreds of customers, peers, vendors, employees,and automotive specialists), responds with a strategic, educational plan.

The FTC claims car customers are not knowledgeable enough about negative equity, credit, and all the financial knowledge necessary to purchase, trade in, or finance a nicer, newer car, and Jill Merriam plans to do something about it immediately, with a series of how-to videos:

Key Hyundai FTC Complaints Brings Out Best in Hyundai Dealers

Despite the recent FTC media frenzy here in Connecticut, I went to my 20 group Hyundai meeting in the amazing New Orleans, where the 20 Hyundai dealers from across the nation, get together to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do to bring the best experience to customers. These are crazy smart, generous people who share their brilliance willingly.

I was a little nervous to go, in light Key Hyundai of being singled out by the FTC for deceptive advertising. I was hoping these folks would dig a little deeper, trust the Jill they’ve come to know, and reflect on the work ethic and morals I’ve exhibited consistently, in work and in life.

I was right. Here’s my reflection and unwavering gratefulness for friends and colleagues:

Key Hyundai FTC Complaints, Deceptive Advertising & A Thank You to NBC Connecticut

So the FTC car dealer news this week was explosive with news of Key Hyundai Vernon | Manchester, Key Hyundai Milford, Jill Merriam and FTC, deceptive advertising, negative equity and all of it linked directly to my Key Hyundai and my reputation and my character. OUCH. Been a rough week!

While many sources picked up the story and ran with it, only one researched and found out exactly what the citation was for, what the error was, and why I stand by what we said because we mean it: we can get you in a nicer newer car,and get out out of a car you no longer want to, or can afford to, drive. It’s what we do: we meet customers who have a problem and find an affordable, relialbe, agreeable solution to their specific situation.

Thank you Chris Coffey and NBC Connecticut for calling, following up, interviewing and airing the WHOLE story. The fact that yes, we inadvertently did not have the necessary disclaimers on two YouTube videos: that we are guilty of and we took them down immediately. But we do stand by our message: provide solutions to customers circumstances; do not push product. Here’s my shout out to NBC Connecticut for giving me a chance to speak.

Key Hyundai Milford & Manchester vs FTC Complaints Deceptive Advertising

So the FTC cited Key Hyundai for deceptive advertising, and while much of the press has been a whirlwind, the customers have spoken in kind, generous, overflowing terms. Yes, there is another larger side of the customer service story and this is it. Thank you, Carol, for taking the time to recognize authentic customer service that is the culture here and always will be. I stand by our message: provide automotive solutions to Connecticut car customers and listen, really listen to what they’re saying and we can, and we will, provide a nicer, newer car people can afford to drive. Thanks, and listen to this!

Delivering My Key Hyundai FTC Complaints Message to CT Car Customers

Jill addresses FTC concerns over Key Hyundai

At the beginning of my long day!

A few months back, I was contacted by the FTC as one of a few car dealers nationwide cited for deceptive advertising: we did not having the appropriate disclaimer on two Key Hyundai YouTube videos that mirrored a now defunct tv campaign. They called it deceptive advertising, and without the disclaimer, they are absolutely right, and we were in 100% error and took immediate action to correct it. Took me a while to realize which videos they were referring to, because we LOVE the radio, and do not use YouTube for advertising all that much. But, regardless, we immediately pulled them down as requested.

Most of our videos reflect the goings on in our community and at our dealership, or provide insights and stories about being a working mom, small business owner who just happens to know a whole lot about cars. “Advertising” videos are not what we do. We do so love the radio – that we do and do often!

But those videos inadvertently did not have the disclaimer on them, and even though they were only two videos of about 50 at the time, we immediately took them down, and opened our advertising doors to all FTC and legal and anyone else who wants to take a look, review, comment and critique. That’s it. Story over.

Until this week when the government released the details.

The missing disclaimer caused an uproar, and honestly, while I know intellectually the error does not fit the press, the fact that my integrity is questioned is what is most bothersome. Yes, I sell cars, but more importantly, our team finds the appropriate solution to whatever is stopping people from getting transportation to get them where they need to be: work, home, family, doctors, school.

I’m proud of the extensive training, attention to detail, massive skill set and exhaustive research we go through to help find automotive solutions to every specific situation we encounter, not all of which can be covered in a 60 second radio spot, or a 3 minute YouTube video. Life is just not that concise.

It’s not easy, but my team at Key Hyundai are ethical, honest pros that successfully help Connecticut get behind the wheel of what they want to drive. It’s my mission statement that I infuse into everything we do at Key Hyundai.

Here is a quick video response of why I stand by our message: we will continue to provide solutions and not push products, and get you in a nicer, newer car you can afford to drive. I hope you will reach out and share your comments, concerns, and thoughts. I am Jill Merriam, and I am the Dealer For The People.

What You Need To Know When Trading in a Car

Ready to trade in that car? How to get the most for your trade!

So you’re thinking about purchasing a nicer, newer car, and perhaps you have another you want to trade in.

Maybe your trade is a junker, or maybe it’s in great shape but the payments are just too much, or maybe it’s a gas guzzler you simply can’t afford to drive any longer.

Do you know how to get the very most for your trade?

Are you aware of the options available to you and your vehicle?

There are 3 options to get what you want when trading in your car to get the most value for your trade, and all reputable dealers will tell you the same.

Only you can decide which is best for you.

I’m Jill Merriam, and if you ever wonder exactly what the best way is to get the most for your money, your time, and your efforts when trading in a car, take a listen here and decide what works best for you and your life.

Impressed by Authenticity in Business and Life

Jill Merriam, Key Hyundai, Senator Blumenthal,

He came, he spoke, and impressed me and my brother Jeff by doing his homework on our business!

This is not a political endorsement, it’s just a simple observation from me, Jill Merriam, small business owner and Connecticut car dealer. A car dealer who is also an employer, mom, wife, daughter, tax payer, and active participant in life all around me.

If you recall, because I can’t stop crowing about it, we had our fantastic Grand Opening Celebration in Vernon, celebrating the culmination of 6 months and nearly $3 million for a complete renovation of Key Hyundai of Manchester.

We invited customers and employees, local dignitaries and community leaders, and the heavy hitters as well: congressmen and senators. I didn’t expect the big wigs to come, and most RSVP’d their congratulations and regrets for not attending.

Except Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal. He RSVP’d yes, or at least his people did, and low and behold, he showed up. With no people. With no posse, with no press. Just him. Wanting to check in and see if in fact, how it was going on Main Street.

This is one small business owner, one mom, one Connecticut car dealer who was quite impressed on his demeanor, his knowledge of not just business in Connecticut, but MY business, my family history in Connecticut. His lack of pretense, his authentic approach to spend time with me, my kids, my employees, and the customers was greatly appreciated.