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Connecticut Car Dealer Key Hyundai Says Thank You


Key Hyundai customer complaints FTC consumer car dealersKey Hyundai is a generous supporter of youth sports, because when this CT car dealer supports the community, the kids win big!

Playing fields would be empty without the real stars: the volunteers that make it all come to life.

Today the Dealer For The People is here in gratitude to the volunteers that really make things happen, (one in particular I happen to be married to!).

No complaints at Connecticut Car Dealer Key Hyundai: Business & Volunteers Winning!

As a mom, coach’s wife, spectator, fan, and small business owner, I just want to give a huge shout out to the countless moms, dad, grandparents, retired folks, college kids – all the volunteers who dedicate time and energy to giving kids the chance to play.

Did you play on a team as a little kid? Do you coach one now? What’s the best thing about being involved? How can businesses like Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester help out?


No Complaints about Car Dealers: Myths and Misconceptions about the Auto Industry

car dealer complaints | FTC | Key Hyundai of Milford | Key Hyundai of ManchesterAt Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, we hear lots of stories: customer complaints about stuff “they heard” about car dealers, which is usually why they eventually find their way to us.

It’s me, Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People®, and as let me tell you, I’ve heard them all:

“A lawyer and a car dealer walk into a bar … “

Let the groans begin! It’s okay, I can hear you from here!

But why? I can’t speak for attorneys, but I happen to have first hand knowledge on car dealers, especially the one I look in the mirror every day! The stereotypical car dealer exists for a reason, but I’m here to tell you that the majority of car dealers are actually everyday folks making small business work in their communities day in and day out. The vast majority of car dealers are your friends and neighbors, doing the right thing.

Here are car buying tips that break the stereotype about car dealers, and let you in on the secret of what it all means to you, the car buyer.

Reading is Good Business for Car Dealers and Moms

FTC Key Hyundai complaints | Key Hyundai FTC complaints | Jill Merriam complaintsReading is something I instill in my business colleagues because frankly, it’s good for the car business and good for brains!

No complaints for me: when I pick up a book, even a business book, it is my absolute pleasure.

Whether establishing a custom thank you campaign to personally reach out to each and every customer who comes into Key Hyundai of Manchester and Milford, sponsoring to community events for Key Hyundai Milford and Key Hyundai Vernon, responding and negating Key Hyundai | Jill Merriam FTC complaints to ensure every customer is taken care of, and building a community culture that breeds caring solution providers, I’ve found success in books.

Through reading, I’ve learned to solve customer complaints with speed and success at Key Hyundai Milford and Vernon, and create a tribe of loyal customers that rely on Key Hyundai to find a solution to whatever their automotive need may be. Through books I build a culture of problem solvers and team leaders at Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai Milford that are solution providers, and darn good at what they do.

Which is something I had to convince my son Brady recently, when he felt bad that I was “reading for work.” Here, take a listen of how I explained reading for work is FUN, and I do deserve it!

Have you read a great book lately? I’d love to hear all about it!

Exactly How a Car Dealer Values Your Trade in Vehicle

So you bring in your car to Key Hyundai – or really any dealership – as a potential trade to knock the purchase price lower on your nicer, newer car.

Want to know exactly what that car dealer is going to do with that trade?

How he is going to value it?

How he or she will come up with the magic price?

It’s not rocket science guys, it’s really quite simple: if you head to a reputable dealer, we all treat trade-ins exactly the same way.

Here’s exactly how car dealers value the car you bring in to trade.

I’m Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People®, and today I’m spilling the beans on exactly how car dealers decide the value of the car you want to trade in when car shopping.

Take a listen here, and then you’ll know exactly what that dealer is thinking and doing when evaluating your trade-in. And if you have any questions, I’d love the chance to answer them!  Like us on Facebook or Twitter, because I love to connect!

Jill Merriam Key Hyundai Interviewed by Daughter about CCSU Award

FTC Car dealer complaints, Key Hyundai Milford, Key Hyundai of Vernon, Jill MerriamTonight is the night, I get all gussied up for the 2012 Central Connecticut State University Hall of Honor Award Dinner.


The CCSU School of Business honored me and my work at Key Hyundai and more importantly, in our local Connecticut community. The 2012 Women in Business Excellence award is described as:

The Purpose of the School of Business Hall of Honor is to encourage, recognize, and reward individual initiative and collaboration in achieving excellence in an endeavor that creates long-lasting value and has a significant impact on the larger community.

One of the best parts about winning this award was being interviewed by my very own 6 year old, Carly, when I had her tag along to a quick meeting on a very busy Saturday.

I am proud to represent Connecticut business, proud of Key Hyundai and our work to be solution providers, proud of the CCSU award, and even prouder of this girl right here! (Isn’t she the best??)