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Meet Key Hyundai Service Advisor Rockstar Ryan Pereiras

Key Hyundai Ryan Pereiras, Key Hyundai Milford employee, Milford HyundaiMeet the fantastic Key Hyundai of Milford solution provider and service advisor Ryan Pereiras, who has never received even one customer complaint but does have hundreds – and I do mean 100s – of rave reviews from Hyundai customers in the Milford, Fairfield, Valley, and New Haven area!

But that’s not all!

That’s not what this Dealer For The People is here crowing about: I’m not bragging about his amazing car experience, I’m here to tell you a fish story.

Like big deal, hot-shot, fisherman’s fish story that Connecticut anglers and wannabes will be wicked jealous of.

Here’s a sneak peak at Ryan’s secret talent that deserves public praise! I’m now sharing with the world wide web, and our entire Connecticut car family.

Take a listen to the first behind-the-scenes meet ‘n greet Key Hyundai employee video featuring Solution Provider Ryan Pereiras: Service Advisor and Bigtime Fishing Dude:

What do you do on your lunch hour every day? What do you wish you could do? Why aren’t you doing it?

Key Hyundai Supports Soldier-to-Civilian Suit Drive

Key Hyundai Wants Your Old Suits, Slack, Dress Shirts, and Office Clothing!

Do you have old, professional work clothes just hanging around in your closet?

Suits, dress slacks, belts, blouses, shoes? Men’s and/or women’s?

Did you know local veterans desperately need professional clothes as they transition from soldier to civilian? I sure didn’t, but you can bet I do now! Believe it or not, unemployment is among the highest for Veterans returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And the employees and customers at Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford is teaming up to do something about it!

The Save-A-Suit Foundation is absolutely amazing. This charity helps veterans look the part so that they feel the part, and have a better chance at pursing their civilian career goals.

I am so proud to partner with WEBE108 and the Westfield CT Post Mall Milford to sponsor Save-a-Suit with both Key Hyundai locations as donation sites. Listen for me on the radio (yeah, I know! I know!) as we drive

Key Hyundai is collecting suits for soldiers!

Donate gently worn professional office-type clothing to our Solders to Civilian Suit Drive at both Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford until July 2.

Won’t you join in? I’m aiming to collect 100 suits, and plan to match suit for suit those donated. Let’s do this!

How can you help?

  1. Learn about the charity at www.saveasuit.org
  2. Donate a suit! Don’t have one? How about going to a thrift store and buying one? Team up with a couple friends or colleagues! Ask your neighbors! The donation boxes are prevalent in both Key Hyundai showrooms, awaiting your clothes!
  3. Spread the word! Share in your “social network” whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, email, or the coffee shop or gym!

The donations are completely tax-deductible, and the feeling of generosity completely contagious! Won’t you spread this good cause?

See you at the suit drive!

What are your fireworks plans??? Join us on July 3rd, at the blockbuster “Soldiers to Civilians” Day at the Connecticut Post Mall Fireworks Extravaganza, honoring local veterans! Stop by and say hi!

Key Hyundai Connecticut Road Trip Fun to Curb Complaints

Key Hyundai FTC customer complaints, Key Hyundai of Milford complaints, Jill Merriam complaintsKey Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester customers voice complaints that particularly in the summertime, their kids (and sometimes spouses!) complain about nothing to do and no where to go.

No complaints about nothing to do at the Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People family, because I found the most awesome Connecticut day trip treasures! Who would have thought there were so many fabulous family friendly trips right down the road from Key Hyundai? I never knew!

This terrific little book, Insiders Guide to Connecticut, showed me many gems that are right here in Connecticut. I don’t know the author, Eric D. Lehman, but if I did, I’d thank him for giving me so many ideas to take relatives and friends when they come to visit.

I get lots of local tourist ideas from customers as well! In fact, it was a customer that told me about this great book!

Here’s a quick pick where I plan to visit and soon. Where’s your must-see spot in Connecticut? Where do you take visitors when they come to CT? Tell us on Facebook or let me know right here!