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Football Great Tony Dungy and the Dealer For The People

Key Hyundai car business CT problem solversI read a lot, especially about leadership, and I just have to share the most amazing book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and how it relates to life and business here at Key Hyundai.

There’s unbelievable discussion about Tony Dungy, the acclaimed football coach and Superbowl champion, that really hit home for me as a car dealer here in Connecticut.

The science behind Dungy’s coaching philosophy states that ordinary people with drive, grit and determination – and the right habits – can build a winning team.


That is exactly what we aim to do at Key Hyundai. We don’t hire sales people at Key Hyundai: we hire driven, like-minded solution providers and teach them our mission of providing solutions to all folks looking for nicer, newer cars!

Take a listen to this quick video about the power of habit, and how we encourage good solution providers at Key Hyundai:

Service Means Community at CT Hyundai Dealer

Charity begins at home, and I’m proud to call Key Hyundai my home.

Listen to this: talk about a generous heart. The employees and customers at my Connecticut Hyundai dealership continue to amaze and impress. And I’m not talking about cars: used or new. I’m talking about service.

Recently when tragedy struck a friend, I shared this news with my employees. And beyond my wildest dreams, here’s what Key Hyundai Milford’s amazing service manager, Clyde DeGray did about it:

Providing Solutions to Town of Vernon Economic Committee

jill merriam key hyundai vernon economic development Coolest thing ever — and wow, am I honored! I was recently asked to participate join the town of Vernon’s CT Economic Development Committee to explore branding opportunities for the great town of Vernon and Rockville.

Thank you Vernon Connecticut!

Me! This Dealer For The People! And let me tell you, there’s some pretty impressive folks involved, and I am humbled and honored to work with this braintrust.

This is why I so love working in the car business: we are absolutely committed to so much more than selling cars. Our Key Hyundai team lives, breathes, and works providing solutions to everyone they can, and I am thrilled to be able to bring this mission to the community at large.

Vernon: you are in good hands.

After just one meeting, I am sooooo impressed with the town history, the dedication, the enthusiasm – I’m psyched to explore branding opportunities to bring Vernon | Rockville to the forefront of this fabulous small town identity.

Do you have ideas to help grow Vernon & Rockville? Where do you want your town to be? Contact me at jillcares@keycars.com and share your thoughts, dreams, and ideas for this great corner of Connecticut!



Hyundai Hope on Wheels Delivers in Connecticut


Key Hyundai proud to support Hope On Wheels

Tomorrow is a big day for Connecticut’s pediatric cancer patients. Tomorrow is the day when Hyundai delivers a gigantic check to no one, but two of our local hospitals that take care of kids right here in Connecticut.

Hope on Wheels may be the very best thing Hyundai does, donating millions all in the cause to eradicate pediatric cancer from this world. It’s where your dollars go when you buy a car from Key Hyundai in Milford or Key Hyundai in Manchester, or any other Hyundai dealer in Connecticut. We compete with each other as car dealers, but we are united in our inspiration and gratitude to Hyundai Hope on Wheels and what they give back to the neighborhoods where we live and work.

Connecticut Hyundai Supports Local Hospitals with Hope On Wheels

Here’s a quick video about the upcoming 2012 donation to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford and Yale New Haven on the shoreline. On behalf of all our employees, thank you to the customer for helping make this happen.