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Who is the Boss of the Dealer For The People?

www.keycars.comYou may think this Dealer For The People is bosslady around Key Hyundai, but you would be sadly mistaken.

The boss of Key Hyundai is you and only you: the people who shop here, service here, work here, and live in our communities.

We all report to you, and our Key Hyundai staff of solution providers curtail how we do business specific to the needs, problems, and issues CT car buyers face when shopping for a new or used vehicle to get you where you need to be.

That said, I do have a significant partner indispensable in creating the Key Hyundai culture of good cars, good community and good will here at Key Hyundai. My lesser known, solution providing teammate in Key Hyundai is my 50/50 business partner … and my 100% real life brother, Jeff Merriam.

Drum roll please ….. I’m proud to introduce you to my amazing brother and behind-the-scenes-solution-provider – Jeff Merriam!

I’m the public personality of Key Hyundai; the voice on the radio, on the showroom floor, and getting my hands dirty in service, while my brother Jeff is a quieter, bit shy, but oh-so-brilliant solution provider, laser-focused on Key Hyundai providing affordable, reliable, award-winning cars to the Connecticut community, and helping provide jobs to nearly 100 CT residents.

And I’m lucky enough to be his sister.

Time Management Tips from Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People

Key Hyundai Dealer For The People www.keycars.comAs a working mom, Connecticut’s Dealer For The People, a leadership mentor, small business owner, community activist, and a solution provider at Key Hyundai of Milford and Manchester, I have a lot to do in a day. We all do, don’t we?

How the Dealer For The People finds more time in her day 

Before I instituted time-saving tips to add more time to my day, More often than not, when the day is over, my to-do list is not where I would like it to be! As I made plans for 2013, I instituted little tweaks to time management and already the difference is amazing! I’ve added productive time to my day by eliminating the little time sucks that add up to valuable time!
Take a listen, and learn the one little tip I did to immediately add productivity to my day, without eliminating anything major at all! HINT: It involves Facebook!

Do it. Write down what and where you spend your time, even if just for a half hour or so. You’ll be surprised at where your wasted time goes. Let me know how this works out for you, and what you’re doing to add time to your day! Write me at jillcares@keycars.com and share what you’ve learned!

Key Hyundai Open For Business Under 3 Feet of Snow

key hyundai Jill MerriamWeather continues to wreak havoc on small business in Connecticut – and our cars, patience, and economy – this time with over 3 feet of the white stuff hitting friends, families and neighbors throughout New England! It’s been a doozy, but this Dealer For The People is here to let you know, we won’t let any snowstorm keep us down!

First of all, I sincerely hope you and yours are safe, warm and healthy. Take care of yourself. Take care of your family.

Secondly, weather catastrophes can ruin a small business, and I hope once the roads are clear, schools are opened, and life resumes, you visit the businesses in your neighborhood and choose to shop locally. It does make a difference!

And finally, thank you for your HUMANITY and KINDNESS exhibited again and again. Little acts of kindness can melt even the largest snow banks. Your willingness to help dig, shovel, and push snow and cars out from under this phenomenal 36 inch blanket of winter is amazing. Checking on your neighbors, mailman, and pets makes a difference. It does!

Thank you for not only helping your neighbors, but helping perfect strangers. I see it. My employees see it, and it makes me proud to be part of Connecticut, part of Key Hyundai, part of the world.

We are in this together, through snow, ice, rain, floods.

We must have patience and kindness, and together, we will weather this storm, and anything Mother Nature can throw at us.

Be safe. Be kind. Be well. And if there’s anything we can do to help make your life easier, please don’t hesitate to let me know at jillcares@keycars.com.

Winter Driving Tips from the Dealer For The People

"key hyundai of manchester"

Key Hyundai driving tips for winter weather.

Blizzard conditions, road closures, early dismissal from schools and work. Sure is a cold, icy and an oh-so-typical New England winter here in Connecticut, but that means spring is coming because this can’t last forever!

Key Hyundai and this Dealer For The People wants you to stay safe when traveling in winter weather, so you can love your car for a long, long time. Whether driving a new car or used car, driving on our winter roads can be frightening at times, and I’m here to share some winter driving tips to make your travel a little bit easier, and a whole lot safer.

Take it from this Dealer For The People who nearly failed her driving class (umpteen years ago!) because I followed the rules, instead of following the conditions.

Failed my driving test? Well, not really, but reprimanded for sure! Take a listen:

The ground hog says it’ll be an early spring, and I for one sure hope so. Until then, drive slow and safe, and if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in at Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester for a warm Cup O’ Jill coffee and say hello!

Key Hyundai Introduces New Dealer For The People Website

jill merriam, dealer for the people, key hyundaiSoooo, you’ve probably noticed when looking to buy a new or used car in Hartford or in Fairfield or New Haven, I’m sure you’ve googled more than one CT car dealership website.

And I’m sure all those car dealer websites are beginning to look and work the same.

Which is exactly why Key Hyundai recently reinvented our website, www.keycars.com, just like we are reinventing the car business into a solution providing team of friendly folks that get you the answers you need when you need them so you can drive a car you love.

At Key Hyundai, customers quickly become friends, then refer their friends and families so they too, can see what this Dealer For The People is all about.

Creating a Key Hyundai website to reflect the Dealer For The People

Our radio ads, solution providers and showrooms aren’t like “the other guys,” and today, our website reflects our dedication to providing the automotive solutions you need when looking for a nicer newer car.

Whether that reliable used car has 30k miles on it, or is a brand spanking new Hyundai Sonata or Genesis … it doesn’t really matter. A nicer newer car is the biggest investment folks make, and it’s our obligation to provide the best, personalized service to get you on the road in wheels you love.

Check out our new website, and let me know what you think. We’re also big on Facebook, giving away goodies every week, chatting it up with our friends, and sharing local happenings around Connecticut. Stop by and say hi (but I always prefer face-to-face, so ask for me, the Dealer For The People next time you’re in the neighborhood!)