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What kind of people does Key Hyundai hire?


Dealer For The People Jill Merriam and Key Hyundai Business Manager Jon Buttero

Meet Key Hyundai automotive solution provider, Jon Buttero

Key Hyundai, CT’s family owned and operated Hyundai dealership with new and used cars, is proud to employ over 90 full and part time Connecticut residents at our two car dealerships. We’re a CT business success story, but the success comes directly from the types of folks we hire.

People like Jon Buttero.

All our employees are solution providers that want to help people and are involved in their local communities. They provide solutions and create relationships first, and by doing so, keep our business humming along. We pride ourselves on hiring like minded people: smart, kind, caring, and train them with specifics to the car business. We carefully provide professional training so they can best provide solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Jon Buttero is that kind of guy. Jon is our Key Hyundai Business Manager, which means it’s his job to handle all the legal and financial paperwork that accompanies buying a nicer, newer car. Meet Jon, and discover for yourself why Key Hyundai team is so easy to talk to, friendly, and able to provide the answers you need, when you need them!

Stop by and visit Jon and the rest of the Key Hyundai solution providers anytime. If the timing is right, there may even be some fresh eggs for you to take home! I’d love to hear how a Key Hyundai solution provider was able to help you; email me your story at jillcares@keycars.com and you may be in our next video!

Time Management Tip #2 from the Dealer For The People


Want in on a little secret to get more done in a day? I have a little trick that takes just a few seconds, but helps me manage time to get more done every day at Key Hyundai and home!

Key Hyundai will not waste your hard-earned money and we will not waste your valuable time! By doing our job well, we will save you time, and help you feel more accomplished and productive every single day.

When new or used car shopping in Connecticut, Key Hyundai will work hard to get you in and out, and on the road, with the answers you came in looking for. Fast, accurate, informative automotive solutions.

Time management is key to being successful, and the Key Hyundai team focuses productive time to get you what you need, when you need it. We do help provide automotive solutions by carefully managing our time so we are best prepared to help get you on the road in a nicer, newer car.

There’s one tip I share with my entire Key Hyundai team that helps us all get more done:  

So make that list, and start checking things off! You’ll feel more accomplished each and every day. If you have anything on your list that we can help you with, don’t hesitate to write me at jillcares@keycars.com. I am here to help you find the solutions you need!

What is a Key Hyundai Solution Provider?

Jill Merriam and Key Hyundai Solution Provider Alex Mendoza

You’ve heard it a thousand times, on the Dealer For The People radio commercials, in Key Hyundai eblasts, on Facebook:

“Key Hyundai Solution Providers, here to help!”

At Milford and Manchester Connecticut Key Hyundai we make it our mission to hire solution providers, and not hard-hitting salespeople that simply push cars out the door. Sounds weird, right? Especially from a car dealership? The stereotype of a somewhat slimy car salesperson does not exist here at CT’s Hyundai dealer (and CT #1 used car dealership for nicer newer cars) – and never will.

At Key Hyundai, we hire community minded, friendly people who genuinely want to help friends and neighbors get the cars they need, will love to drive, and can afford to own. We never hire people who brag about numbers and pushing cars off the lot no-matter-what the situation. It’s not what we do.

We sell cars, lots of new and used vehicles to get you where you need to be – make no mistake about it, it’s how we keep nearly 100 people employed here in Connecticut and keep our business humming along. But Key Hyundai solution providers do it by listening to the specific needs of each customer, and then set out to find them a solution. Our team loves what they do, and it shows.

Meet Bacon lover and awesome Key Hyundai Solution Provider, Alex Mendoza:

I hope your experience at Key Hyundai continues to be “… a family-like atmosphere where people genuinely care, which is very important…”  And I would sure love love to hear any and all feedback on how we can help get you what you need. Write me at jillcares@keycars.com, or better yet, stop by and say hello! (Bring bacon!)

What’s an Automotive Director of Fixed Operations Do Anyways?

www.keycars.com key hyundai of manchester, dealer for the people

Jill Merriam Dealer For The People with Director of Fixed Operations, Chuck Dortenzio

At Key Hyundai, we have many solution providers ready to find an answer that meets your needs: whether that need is a nicer, newer car; better financing; credit issues; fast, convenient service for your vehicle; or trading in your current car for something that better meets your needs.

Most of our Key Hyundai employees face customers every day, and it’s the job of the Director of Fixed Operations, Chuck Dortenzio – or Super Chuck as we call affectionately call him – to give the Key Hyundai solution providers the necessary tools, processes and training necessary to best serve the customer’s needs.

Chuck handles all things parts & service, with a team that is expert at living the Key Hyundai mission: we pledge to keep your car safe and fun to drive, for as long as you wish to drive it. The Director of Fixed Operations is the jack of all trades, the Great Oz behind the curtain, the guy with all the answers. Or at least most of them!

Meet our behind the scenes superstar Director of Fixed Operations, Chuck Dortenzio, and see first hand why he’s our #1 go-to guy for all things parts and service for your vehicle, and our number one solution provider to Key Hyundai employees so we have the answers you need when you need them.