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Girl Rising Documentary Hartford Screening

I saw a life-changing, unbelievable, simply remarkable movie recently, and it’s stayed with me every moment since I left the theater.

Can’t stop thinking about it. Not at home, at the gym, at my kids’ school. I think about it constantly when at Key Hyundai providing solutions to Connecticut new and used car customers who are working hard each and every day and building leaders amongst the staff.

Everyone says education is the answer to poverty, but never is that more evident than in the movie, Girl Rising, a documentary that highlights the lives of several young girls, and how education is the key to turning the cycle on poverty and giving them a shot at any life at all.

Here’s why you should see this movie.

I mean it: go see this movie if at all possible. We held a special screening in Hartford, and you can find other screenings on the website: www.girlrising.com.

If you see the film, please let me know your thoughts afterwards at jillcares@keycars.com! I would love to hear what you think about this!

Key Hyundai Connecticut Caring

Lots of new and used car businesses focus on Facebook and social media to reach out to customers, and make no mistake about it, Key Hyundai does too. But we know where the true social is: it’s in face-to-face interactions with the people who live and work in Connecticut.

That’s why I insist Key Hyundai is an actively involved in supporting our local community to build real life social interactions and face-to-face conversations.

Just recently, members of the Key Hyundai team drove veterans in the Vernon Memorial Day Parade, and took part in Milford Day at the Beardsley Zoo.

We support little league, Relay For Life, March of Dimes, Autism Walks, golf tournaments, car shows, PTAs, Scouts, Veterans, schools, endless sports, food drives, bookmobiles, hurricane relief, and the list goes on and on and on! I am so proud of the work we do and how we do it.

By giving back, we get to meet face-to-face the hard working volunteers and civic leaders that keep our community growing, support our customers and employees, and meet new friends.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s true social interaction, the best kind.

Thanks for being a part of Key Hyundai, and helping us provide solutions to the Connecticut community where we live and work.

—-> I receive hundreds of charitable requests every years, and while I wish I could say yes to all, I sadly cannot. I have a responsibility to the 90+ Key Hyundai employees and 1000s of customers, and lean toward their requests first. If you have a cause that is important to you, then it’s important to me, and I’d love to hear about it. Write me at jillcares@keycars.com and let me know all about it!

Earn Key Cash with Key Hyundai Customer Referrals

Did you know it’s possible to service your new car, used car, or bought it elsewhere car at Key Hyundai? Can you even imagine not paying for maintenance on your vehicle again? With the Key Hyundai customer reward program, you can service your car for free at Key Hyundai with the exclusive, just like real money but it’s not, Dealer For The People Key Cash customer rewards program.

Key Hyundai Key Cash www.keycars.com

Earn Key Cash with customer referrals and redeem for FREE Key Hyundai service for your nicer, newer car!

Earn Key Cash dollars – $150 per referral – to use at Key Hyundai service departments. Save ’em up, and you can actually service your car for FREE at Key Hyundai.

Here’s how it works: refer friends, family, neighbors to Key Hyundai, and when they purchase a nicer, newer car with your Key Cash referral, both the buyer (friend) and referrer (you) receive a $150 Key Cash Card with Key Hyundai Service dollars to spend any way you wish at Key Hyundai Service departments. There’s no limit: you keep referring and we keep paying.

Here’s how it works:

If you would like extra Key Cash referring bills for colleagues, friends, and family, send me an email at jillcares@keycars.com. Remember, there’s no limit, and you can stockpile the Key Cash rewards to use on any vehicle you own! Service for Free at Key!

Referrals are the absolute best advertising. Thank you for helping us be the best automotive solution providers in Connecticut. To find out more about Key Cash and how you can drive a nicer, newer car, call 1-800-450-1422!

4 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Great

Ahh, it’s that time of year again! Warm sunshine and long days lead to summer adventures: sunscreen, Connecticut and New England road trips, tail-gaiting, and lots of summer fun! Key Hyundai service providers are sharing great tips to make sure your car is your car ready for the summer months ahead!

Here are 4 simple, easy-to-do new and used car care tips to protect the interior and exterior of your car, and have it looking great for summer fun ahead. A little TLC now will save wear and tear, and up the value of your vehicle as it continues to look great for many miles down the road!

The Key Hyundai service providers shared 4 simple summer car care tips to keep your nicer, newer car looking newer longer! Take a listen to see how easy it is to use a little TLC now, and save bundles later:

Where do you plan on driving your car this summer? I’d love to hear about your travels; write me at jillcares@keycars.com and please drive safely!