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Tips to spring clean your car (and save money!)

Spring cleaning car maintenance to save moneyDid you know that a little spring maintenance on your new or used car from Key Hyundai (or any CT new or used car dealership) could save you big bucks in your wallet? It’s true!

Jill Merriam, The Dealer For The People, knows how important it is to keep up with your car’s maintenance schedule. It doesn’t just add life and miles to your car, but can also add dollars to your wallet.

Here are three things you should do this spring, that can help you save money and keep your car in tip top shape. What are they? Listen to this quick, Nicer, Newer News video, where Jill shares three simple tips to keep your car running smooth this spring, and give a little spring cleaning to your car budget as well. Take a listen:

There you have it. Your car will treat you well if you treat it well!

Do you have any tips for spring cleaning – your car, garden, home, or office? We would love to hear about them at jillcares@keycars.com!

Car buying advice to avoid being scammed

Jill Merriam helps decipher car buying adviceThere are always lists and articles full of how to avoid getting scammed when buying a new or used car in Connecticut, but how do you know what is valuable advice, and what is meant to trick and confuse?

At Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, we’ve helped thousands of Connecticut new and used car buyers cut threw the noise to find the best car to meet their needs.

If you’ve ever wondered about all those lists, let me help you wade through the mud. Here is my Nicer, Newer News video to help crack the code on all that scam alert you hear on-line. Take a listen here:

Do your homework using a reliable internet source, and don’t believe EVERYTHING you read.

As always, we are here to help. Write me at jillcares@keycars.com if you have any questions about car buying, financing, or servicing. Sometimes it helps to talk to a real person, and we have those people here ready to help!

Used Car Customer talks about Key Hyundai

Why do people buy new and used cars from Key Hyundai customer on why he buys his cars at Key HyundaiKey Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford?

We could talk all day about how great the used cars, financing, service, and selection is at Key Hyundai, but don’t listen to us! Instead, listen to Jonathan!

Meet Jonathan, a New Britain, Connecticut car customer who needed to trade his car for an SVU for a more efficient vehicle for über driving, his voice-over gigs, and carpooling his daughter around town.

He was worried about his credit, but decided to give Key Hyundai a try. 

How could we help?

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai, loves helping customers like Jonathan. It is why she got into this car business: to provide solutions that help people get where they need to be.

Let Jonathan explain exactly what he did, why he came to Key Hyundai, and how the Key Hyundai solution providers were able to provide an affordable option for him:

What is holding you back from your nicer, newer car? Do you have a transportation problem we can help you with? Let us know at jillcares@keycars.com and our friendly Key team will help find an answer for you!

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Key Hyundai helps Homeless with Journey Home

Key Hyundai supports Journey Home CT helping Hartford homeless

Jill Merriam volunteers at Journey Home to help Hartford homeless.

At Key Hyundai, Connecticut favorite new and used car dealership, we love our community, as a company, team, and family, we volunteer as often as possible.

Jill Merriam especially, CT’s Dealer For The People, volunteers and gives back to the CT community all the time, in many different ways.

Here is just one; how Jill’s own family volunteered recently at a remarkable organization in Hartford that she highly recommends.

Journey Home, is a Hartford organization helping the homeless, with a multitude of ways to volunteer. Here is how Jill and her family helped.

Take a listen to Jill Merriam’s Nicer, Newer News video about Journey Home CT, and how the stuff piling up in your garage or basement, might be a life changer for someone in need. It’s only 2 minutes long, here you go!

One by one, group by group, we can make a difference where we live. Where do you volunteer?

Tell us about it at jillcares@keycars.com, and maybe your group will be featured on Key Hyundai Nicer, Newer News!

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Ask the right questions to get best car price (part 2)

Questions to ask when comparing cars between dealerships.

Jill Merriam tells you what to ask when price shopping cars between dealerships.

Many new and used car customers want that “out the door price,” but buying a car really isn’t as simple as that at Connecticut’s Key Hyundai or any reputable new or used car dealership.

Do you ask for an “out the door price” when buying a new or used car?

As Connecticut’s Dealer For The People, Jill’s friend asked if she would check to see if he are was getting a good deal on a car he was buying out of state.

She asked him three questions, and an “out the door price” is not one of them.

Listen to this 2 minute, Nicer, Newer News video and Jill will teach you what you should ask when comparing car prices at different dealerships to ensure you are getting the best price on a vehicle.

So here are your three questions to ask, and knowing the answers will get you the best price on your vehicle.

1. Are you comparing the same exact car?
2. What is price offered on car you are buying?
3. What is exact value of trade-in?

Do you have any questions about price comparison when shopping for a new or used car?

Write me at jillcares@keycars.com or give us a call; we want to find automotive solution that works for you!