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How not to overspend during the holidays

Holiday budgeting tips from Jill Merriam, Key Hyundai Dealer For The PeopleOver-eating isn’t the only side-effect of the holidays; over-spending this time of year can hurt your credit for years to come – but it doesn’t have to! When you’ve been saving all year for a new or used car, one month of buy-buy-buy shouldn’t ruin that!

Don’t break the bank this holiday season.

At Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, we help good people with bad credit drive nicer, newer cars. But too often we see overspending during the holidays set back people who have been saving and paying down their credit all year long.

Holiday spending shouldn’t ruin a year of planning, saving, and budgeting for a nicer, newer car.

Before you overspend this holiday season, Jill Merriam’s Nicer, Newer News video shares valuable tips how to not let the holidays blow your budget! One simple trick can set the course for a successful financial future!

What is it? Listen here:

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, while keeping budget goals healthy and happy. Sit down, make a plan, and stick to it! Your wallet and credit rating will thank you!

Do you budget specifically for the holidays?  We’d love to hear your ideas at wecare@keycars.com!

Tips to save money and get finances in order for new or used car

Smart tips to save money for a new or used carWhat does it mean to feed the pig, and how will it help you save money for a new or used car, and get your finances in order?

Before Jill Merriam was the Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai, she worked in finance for years and years, and to this day, she scours the internet for reputable resources to help people get into better financial shape.

And wow! Did she find a winner website to save money and learn about finances!

It’s a completely free website, founded by accountants of all people, but this is no snooze! Instead it’s chock full of practical advice, fun tips, and – well, listen for yourself to this Nicer, Newer News video, and let us know what you think.

So visit feedthepig.org: a weird name for a terrific site that is sure to teach you a thing or two about how to make the most of your money.

And don’t forget, we have a team of Key Hyundai solution providers who are experts at helping people with bad credit get what they need.

If you have any questions, email us at wecare@keycars.com and we will find a solution for you!

Surprising act of kindness surprises the boss at Key Hyundai

Acts of kindness makes grateful bossDoesn’t take much to make a difference in someone’s day. Someone did that for Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai of Milford and Manchester recently, and she was completely humbled by such an unexpected, gracious act of kindness.

One particular Key Hyundai employee happened by Jill’s office, where the Dealer For The People was surprised to learn it was a special day.

Listen this Nicer, Newer News video to discover why little acts make a big difference:

Has anyone ever surprised you with a tiny act of kindness, word of gratitude, or gift of thanks? Who did it and why? Did you ever get something from your boss, or give something to your boss? Email wecare@keycars.com because we love to learn of the kindness of others.

Thank you Kendra for your kind words and gift, which humbled Jill with gratitude. We are all grateful for your time, work ethic, sense of responsibility, and generous kindness, and rest assured, Jill will absolutely pay it forward.

Get the facts about bank loans before buying a new or used car

What is your obligation to a bank when obtaining a car loan?There’s misleading information out there on how bank loan affect car ownership, and you should know exactly why it’s wrong wrong wrong, and educate yourself before financing a new or used car.

What a bank loan means for you and your car

Bank loans affect you and your vehicle for the life of the loan, and Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Connecticut’s Key Hyundai wants to make sure you have all the information you need to make smart financial decisions.

Too many new and used car customers don’t recognize where a bank comes into play with car ownership. Don’t worry, the Dealer For The People spells it out in this Nicer, Newer News video.

Put to rest the misconceptions that have the potential to get you into financial trouble if you’re not paying attention.

Listen here:

No, you can’t return your car to the bank. Your obligation is to see that loan through to completion, and that can happen in a variety of ways, but returning the car is not one of them.

Do you have any questions about obtaining a car loan or how you can drive a nicer, newer car? Key Hyundai automotive experts are here to help! Email us at wecare@keycars.com and we will find a solution for you!