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To share or own, to drive or self-drive: the future of cars

Jill Merriam Key Hyundai shares survey results on future of car industryAs Americans, we sure do love our cars, and the new and used car sales at Connecticut Key Hyundai sure reflects that fact.

Without a doubt, buying that first new or used car is a right of passage, a moment of pride. But in the current share economy, how will sharing affect the future of the car ownership? Will sharing that first car have the same meaning?

The future of the car industry

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People, was surprised with recent results on what people, and especially millennials, want and expect from their vehicles. Owning or sharing, driving or letting the car drive itself. So many choices, what’s the preference?

Technology is changing fast, and must reflect what car consumers want. Does it?

Listen to this Nicer, Newer News video where Jill shares recent results and what they mean for car buyers, and cars, and car ownership in the future.

Listen here:

Self driving cars. Owning your own. Sharing with others. What do you see for cars in your future? Write us at wecare@keycars.com because we want to know what these big surveys mean for our friends and neighbors in Connecticut!

The Dealer For The People’s Big Korean Adventure

Jill Merriam Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai, has big announcement to makeWhen Jill Merriam, Connecticut’s Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai, got this big-big-BIG news from Hyundai, the timing couldn’t be more exciting and thrilling!

Such exciting news arrived from Hyundai corporate for Connecticut family business owners Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People in Manchester and Milford CT, and her business partner and brother, Jeff.

After years of representing Hyundai here in Connecticut, guess where these popular CT business owners have been invited to go?

That’s right: Korea – and they’re both crazy excited, and a little nervous too. Find out how this amazing opportunity happened in this Nicer, Newer News video, and if you have any insights, advice or questions, we sure would appreciate you reaching out!

Take a listen:

Korea. Can you even believe it? If you’ve ever been, or wanted to go, or have advice or questions for Jill and Jeff on their great adventure, please email wecare@keycars.com and they will do their best to respond!

Thanks for all the good wishes, good luck, and good mojo! We can’t wait to report back to you all!

Are car salespeople superheroes?

Rethinking the stereotypical car salesman

photo © flickr

At Connecticut’s favorite family run new and used car dealership Key Hyundai, we know what you think of us. Or some of us.

So we did an experiment and asked our team of new and used car sales people to draw car themselves as superheroes, that’s right, car salesmen and women as superheroes, and the results were extraordinary.

At Connecticut’s new and used car dealership Key Hyundai, and we know what most think about used car salespeople: the worst reputation in the world.

But are people right about the stereotype reputation of car sales people?

Listen to this Nicer, Newer News video to find out exactly what skills and talents people must have to be able to offer automotive solutions like we do at Key Hyundai. Listen here:

Our team at Key Hyundai is filled with moms, dads, friends, and neighbors just like you: filled with superhero qualities destined to help people.

Want to know more about our superpowers at Key Hyundai? Email us at wecare@keycars.com and let us know what you need and be wowed by how we come to the rescue!

Three tips to improve bad credit

Three simple tips to help improve credit

photo © flickr

Even though people seldom talk about it, bad credit happens to the best of us. Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Connecticut Key Hyundai sees it all the time in Milford and Manchester, and she knows a thing or two about helping people with bad credit find cars to love.

Simple, smart ways to start rebuilding your credit starting today.

This two minute Nicer, Newer News video will share three – just three! – smart tips you can get started on today to have better credit in a not so distant tomorrow.

Take a quick listen here:

Check with your own financial advisor or bank or trusted mentor, and see for yourself how these simple tips can get you on the road to better credit!

If you have any questions about buying, financing, or servicing your vehicle, or how Key Hyundai might be able to help, email our experts at wecare@keycars.com and we’ll get to work for you!