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Dirty Trick Free Zone:Episode #32- My First Job

July 7, 2010


In today’s episode of the Car Dealer Dirty Trick Free Zone I talk about my first job. I think it is so much fun to think back to your first job and how many lessons you probably learned. My first job was at a state park in Connecticut and I had two different jobs there. My first job was being the manager of the food stand and my other job was to scoop Italian Ice on the boardwalk.  Both of these jobs were hard, exahusting work.

My first job taught me the necessity of working hard. I learned that if you work hard you can really accomplish something. My first job also taught me the importance of having a plan in your life. I learned that it was important to sit down and take some time to plan where I wanted to work in the future and the direction I wanted to go in with my life.

Think back to your first job. What did you learn and did you take that with you through to today? I hope to constantly keep learning and be taught new lessons in my career today as owner of Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford. My name is Jill Merriam and I am the dealer for the people.

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