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Pediatric Cancer Stinks and Hyundai’s Commitment to Bring it to its Knees

October 4, 2010

Do the words pediatric and cancer really deserve to be put together?  I mean, really, is it fair at all?  I wonder why some kids get cancer and others don’t.  I guess if I knew the answer to that, I would be a cancer researcher working on a cure. Hyundai supports pediatric cancer research through the Hyundai Hope on Wheels program.  I am one of those people who can only support something when I know it to be based in truth down deep in my core.  Hyundai Hope on Wheels gives direct research grants to pediatric oncologists to help them find a cure for cancer.  These aren’t some glass office, high brow researchers.  These are feet on the street, real hardcore caring people.

 When you buy a new Hyundai, Hyundai makes a direct donation to Hyundai Hope on Wheels on your behalf.  Hyundai is the only automotive manufacturer dedicated to one charitable cause.  Since its inception, Hyundai Hope on Wheels has donated over $20 million to pediatric cancer research.  It’s just another reason why buying a Hyundai is the smart choice.  For more information on buying a new Hyundai, visit http://www.keycars.com

  Hyundai Hope on Wheels recently made two Connecticut based grants.  I was blessed to be present at the ceremonies to both the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  I met Andrea Orsey, the pediatric oncologist at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center who received a $35,000 Hope on Wheels grant to fund research into the effects of exercise on kids with chemotherapy.  How cool is that?  This research is so important because not only do we need to find a cure, but we need to find a way to support kids and families who already have cancer and who are going through chemotherapy.  We need to make sure their care gives them the best possible outcome, not just in terms of being cancer free but also giving them the best opportunity to have their bodies survive the rigors of chemotherapy.  At the end of the day, each and every child should have an opportunity to be the best they can be – free of medical problems, free of social problems and free to explore and grow.  Although I don’t know the answer and I’m not nearly educated to know enough about cancer research, I do know that I’m humbled to be part of Hyundai Hope on Wheels in even a small way.  If you ever see me driving around town in my white 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Hope on Wheels car, with children’s handprints all over it, make sure you give me a “honk” hello!

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