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Reading is Good Business for Car Dealers and Moms

May 16, 2012

FTC Key Hyundai complaints | Key Hyundai FTC complaints | Jill Merriam complaintsReading is something I instill in my business colleagues because frankly, it’s good for the car business and good for brains!

No complaints for me: when I pick up a book, even a business book, it is my absolute pleasure.

Whether establishing a custom thank you campaign to personally reach out to each and every customer who comes into Key Hyundai of Manchester and Milford, sponsoring to community events for Key Hyundai Milford and Key Hyundai Vernon, responding and negating Key Hyundai | Jill Merriam FTC complaints to ensure every customer is taken care of, and building a community culture that breeds caring solution providers, I’ve found success in books.

Through reading, I’ve learned to solve customer complaints with speed and success at Key Hyundai Milford and Vernon, and create a tribe of loyal customers that rely on Key Hyundai to find a solution to whatever their automotive need may be. Through books I build a culture of problem solvers and team leaders at Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai Milford that are solution providers, and darn good at what they do.

Which is something I had to convince my son Brady recently, when he felt bad that I was “reading for work.” Here, take a listen of how I explained reading for work is FUN, and I do deserve it!

Have you read a great book lately? I’d love to hear all about it!

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