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Tips to Stay Positive in the Car Business and Life

December 5, 2012
With bizarre weather and bad news infiltrating our lives every day it seems, I recently was asked by both Key Hyundai customers and our Connecticut car dealership staff how I stay so positive and upbeat amidst such chaos?
So I told them!
Each week, I write a quick letter to update my Key Hyundai family, sharing tips, leadership techniques and life’s little moments in an effort to continue the amazing culture of providing solutions here. It’s like our own mini-facebook (except old school!) – a quick note to keep everyone in the loop of the goings on at our car dealership here in Vernon and Milford Connecticut.
So how do I stay so positive throughout the Hurricane Sandy chaos? Key Hyundai families uprooted, power outages, customers displaced, schools closed, and our Milford location closed for a full week?
The thing is, crisis strikes, and will continue to strike, yet we can only change how we react to it.

How to Stay Positive from the Dealer For The People

Here’s a corny little habit I’ve gotten into, and the one I shared with the folks at Key Hyundai. Warning: this is a bit hoaky, but I swear it works! It’s a simple little habit that helps me stay focused and positive, and above all, remember to be grateful for the little things that matter.

Go ahead, give it a whirl! What are the five things you are grateful for today?

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