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Well paying career with no student debt in Connecticut

September 23, 2019

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With college debt is bankrupting many graduates, did you know there is a HUGE need for a high paying job that requires little to no student loans right here in CT?

Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Cars of Connecticut, employs well of over 100 full and part-time employees in Milford, Manchester, and Middletown Connecticut, and is uniquely qualified to suggest a great paying, high demand career path.

Listen to this quick, 2 minute Nicer, Newer News video where she explains what an auto technician is, and why it might be the perfect job for someone you know.

Take a listen:

If you think auto tech is the right career for you or someone you know, email our team at wecare@keycars.com to learn more.

Of course, if you have any questions about buying, servicing, or financing a nicer, newer car, contact the Key Cars team of auto experts waiting to help.

Don’t wait another day, stop by, call or email today! Wishing you many safe and happy miles ahead!

Happy driving!

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