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Why is the CT Car Dealer For The People talking about a drill brush?

December 24, 2018

why is a car dealer talking about a drill brush?Why is the Connecticut Dealer For The People, Jill Merriam of Key Hyundai, talking about drill brushes?

Because Jill Merriam has a small, nagging problem that continued to bug her until she found a simple workaround life hack that got her to move past her tolerance and get to work living.

What are your tolerances? What everyday minor inconvenience bugs the heck out of you, but you just live with it? How different would your life be if you found a solution?

You might be surprised to hear back what bugs Jill Merriam, and what she did to make them go away so that she can move on to bigger, better things.

Take a listen to this Nicer, Newer News video to find out what bugs Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People, and the workaround she discovered to get on with her life!

Do you have things that bug you that you simply live with? What small solutions could make your every day easier? Give them a try, it might just make a huge difference in your life!

If your current vehicle is a tolerance you need a workaround for, email Key Hyundai automotive experts at wecare@keycars.com and let us find a solution that works for you! Good luck, and let us know how it’s going!

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