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A Week Long Hyundai Santa Fe Test Drive in Connecticut

April 12, 2011
Hyundai cargo room

The boy was won over by his new changing room.

This is Kate, coming to you live, sort of, from Jill’s Blog.

One clarification: my family didn’t spend the week in the Santa Fe: I did. Me, the driving carpooling working mom stayed behind the wheel, while the kids were in and out, in and out.

As were the neighbors.

And the dog.

And the 16 year-old who had to have her hands pried off the steering wheel.

It was an unfortunate week for Key Hyundai to pass along a brand spanking new Santa Fe for me to compare to my gently used and nearly paid for Honda Pilot.

Bad because my husband was out of town for the weekend, my carpooling firefighting neighbor worked nights, and the kids started spring sports: lacrosse in Fairfield and soccer in Greenwich.

Where we don’t live. Not even close.

Which meant it was drive time, all the time.

Me and the Hyundai Santa Fe traveling to school and from school; to practice and games and MDs for sinus infections; for SAT tests at the crack of dawn (ugh, can you even imagine doing that again?), the vet, and the regular: work, gas, groceries, gas, and um, the occasional Dunkin Donuts drive thru.

You know, life.

The bottom line?

The usual 300-330 per week mileage EXPLODED to over 400!

Meaning one thing: my husband does a lot more driving than I give him credit for.

Fuel effecient Hyundai

No longer the only reason to drive a Hyundai!

With gas topping $3.99/gallon in Newtown, Connecticut at this writing, I was quite fortunate to have this fuel-efficient Hyundai to tool around town in.

The Honda Pilot is not bad on gas, but it’s a big car, with a big engine, and it would have cost me a bundle more. So the unfortunate timing for Key Hyundai, was quite fortunate for me. As fortunate as one can be shelling out $4/gallon for gas.

So let’s just say we went to the Santa Fe for better gas mileage, but stayed for the drive-ability. The smoothness. The get up and go. The maneuverability.

What that means in car talk, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I easily avoided wild turkeys on 3 occasions, deer on several more, and the potholes that have eaten many a car alive in my fine corner of Connecticut.

This car was way, way nicer than I expected. Smooth, elegant, a jazz to drive, and a kick-butt stereo to boot.

Let darling husband drive it to Greenwich for our boy’s soccer game, and he admitted, not what he expected.

“But will it last?” he surmised. “Sure it’s nice now, it’s brand new. But how good will it be a few years down the road?”

When I told him about Key Hyundai’s insane guarantee of new tires, new battery, and engine guarantee for life of car, he didn’t believe me.

“They can’t afford to do that,” he said. “Nobody can.”

When I told him about Hyundai’s 100k mile guarantee, he said it’s bad business: nobody can afford to fix all that and stay in business. Unless….

Unless the car doesn’t break.

The light bulb went on.

And I do believe we may be in the market for a new car.

Not getting the Santa Fe, as the Pilot is almost paid for and well, almost paid for is paid for. Almost.

“But have you seen the Sonata and Elantra?” husband announced today. “They’re hot!”

Yessiree, they are on our very, very short list of cars. Especially with Hyundai’s reputation for fuel economy.

Come for the gas savings. And let the rest surprise you.

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