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Before you ask for a cash price, listen to this

May 1, 2017

Does it make a difference to pay cash for a car?Once in while people shopping for a new or used car at Key Hyundai or any CT new and used car dealership take the salesperson aside, and whisper an age-old negotiating question:

“Hey, what’s the price for cash?”

We don’t hear that quite so much anymore, and here’s why. At Key Hyundai, we have one mission: to be solution providers and never product pushers, and that everyone deserves to drive a nicer newer car, and we pledge to help keep that car safe to drive for as long as you wish to drive it.

How does cash help or hurt that mission when negotiating a car price?

Listen to Jill Merriam, Dealer For The People at Key Hyundai of Milford and Manchester explain exactly what the offer to pay in cash means to car dealerships everywhere:

Negotiating a car price can happen many ways, but asking for a cash price isn’t one of them. If you have questions about financing a new or used car, trading in a vehicle, or finding a car that’s right for you, email Jill directly at jillcares@keycars.com and she will get to work on a solution for you!

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