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Car Dealers Favorite Dirty Tricks AGAIN

April 24, 2010

There was an article on MSN today talking about car dealers favorite dirty tricks.  I have to say, we car dealers are easy targets, but this article was really just repurposed junk from years of other articles written about the subject.   Even the readers’ comments at the bottom of the article bashed the content.

As tortured as I was reading it, I plodded through it.  And, I am actually glad that I did because I came upon one juicy little nugget.  Here is the paragraph:

“Female buyers are particularly important to dealers. According to data from Ward’s Auto, an automotive industry news and analysis firm, 85% of all purchase decisions are made or heavily influenced by women. But CNW Marketing Research reports that just 8% of U.S. dealerships are female-owned.”

I knew as the owner of Key Hyundai, with locations in Milford, CT and Manchester, CT, I was in the minority, but I didn’t realize just how few females own car dealerships.  In fact, I maybe the only female car dealer in CT.   So, that’s great, but what really is the benefit to a female buyer if a female owns the dealership?  I’ve really given this a lot of thought.  I’ve managed a lot of people throughout the years.  Before I got involved in the car business, I worked for a major investment bank and then I worked for Microsoft.  Heck, I even sat in review sessions with Bill Gates.  And, as a whole, I think women are more compassionate and empathetic.  I’ve been able to pass those sentiments down to our fabulous employees.  When people work for Key Hyundai, CT’s largest Hyundai dealer, they know that not only do they have to be proficient at what they do, but they have to be honest, ethical and compassionate. 

If you find this post and are looking for car buying advice, please feel free to reach out to me at jillcares@keycars.com  I am happy to offer advice to anyone at all, regardless of if you live in our CT Hyundai market or not.  My goal is to change the perception of the car industry by taking care of one customer at a time.


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  1. Incredibly awesome post! Honestly.

  2. you should always check their backgrounds first if they are reliable car dealers ,”:

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