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Chicken Soup & Tamiflu

March 16, 2011

I never get sick.

And I promise to never say that again.

Because I got so knocked on my can this week, I’m not sure what hit me. When you’re the business owner it’s much like being the mom: there’s just no time to be sick. There’s too much to do.

“I’m never sick.” Ahhh, those were the days.

Until I got so sick I couldn’t take a phone call. Couldn’t respond to my customers. Couldn’t read to my kids.

It finally stopped snowing. And icing. And flooding and the hint of spring is somewhat in the Connecticut air and Hyundai is the sought after car in the market and all is good, right?


I got so incredibly blindsided by the flu this week that I could not – can not – talk on the phone.

Do you know how hard that is to even fathom?

My husband does.


I could not lift my head off the pillow. I barely can now.

Yet the world keeps on spinning.

The kids still need lunches and hugs and loving.

And Key Hyundai Milford and Manchester are buzzing along at breakneck speed, because people? I told you: these cars are way more than fuel-efficient: Hyundai has arrived and we’re knocking down the door of cool.

But most frustrating of all is our Key assist in curbing distracted driving in an effort to save Connecticut lives. We have big plans for this initiative – that is, until I was sidelined by this, this, whatever this flu-like monster that has invaded my home.

Stay tuned, I’ll be back.

If I could just get my head off this pillow and open my eyes. Tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow has to be better than today!


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  1. kids need a pause button for when mommy is sick. It’s so hard to deal with.

    • jmerriam says:

      I totally agree! But, at 5 and 7 they haven’t developed that yet. But, my husband, Rob has been AMAZING! And, the Tamiflu is starting to work! Thanks!

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