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Connecticut Car Dealer Steals Cash, Cars and Consumer Confidence

April 4, 2011
Connecticut Car Dealer compaints

This should never happen to any car buyer

How does this guy sleep at night? This makes my skin crawl, I’m so angry.

I hate this story, but am sharing it anyway. Because Connecticut car shopping should never be like this. Not ever, ever, ever.

I heard about this Connecticut used car dealer/thief from a NBC Connecticut reporter Jeff Saperstone. A Hartford car dealer took the money and ran, leaving customers empty-handed with empty wallets. It’s despicable for any business, and as a member of the auto industry and a Connecticut car dealer who prides herself on honesty and transparency, I’m sickened.

Hartford Car Dealer Steals Way More than Cash & Cars

These days more than ever, we work too hard for our money to have anyone take it away. Shame on this dealer for being a thief and a slimeball. I don’t care if you’re buying a brand new car right off the delivery truck full price with a suitcase of cash, or financing a used winter-beater car to get to your mailbox every day.

Car buyers: Car shopping doesn’t have to be like this.

Please don’t assume you can’t afford something at a “good” dealer, because you can. At Key Hyundai, we put people in cars everyday that they never thought they could afford to drive. And we do it with a crystal clear conscience. Reputable dealerships, not just mine, but most Connecticut car dealers work hard to stricken this reputation from our industry.

Go to a reputable dealer and ask a lot of questions. Check out DealerRater.com (and because I am Jill Merriam, visit the Key Hyundai reviews and read what our customers say about us! Thank you Connecticut!)

At Key Hyundai, I promise our staff will work with you and your budget and get you into a vehicle that meets your needs, whatever they are. It’s what most of us do every day, but don’t make the news doing so.

My heart breaks for these consumers, and my blood boils for this car dealer tarnishing the rest of us out here doing the right thing every single day.

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