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Dirty Trick Free Zone: Episode #1 – Trading Your Car in vs. Selling it on Craigslist

May 14, 2010

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg1h6jVPxMg]  In this eposide of the Dirty Trick Free Zone, I talk about whether you should trade your car in at the dealership or try to sell it on your own through a site like craigslist.  The short answer is that you get more money for your car by selling it on your own.  As the owner of Key Hyundai CT, my goal is to give you honest, clear advice.  When you trade your car in at a dealership, you get a wholesale value for your car.  The reality is that we have to recondition your car and sell it for a profit or take it to the auction and breakeven.  When you sell it on your own, you will get closer to a retail number for your trade in.  But, before you make that decision, take into account the value of your time, your safety and the hassle factor (money changing hands, registration changing hands, problems after the sale, misrepresentations, etc).  My biggest concern is your safety.  Although many transactions go through without a hitch, the recent terrorist, Faisal Shahzad, from Bridgeport, CT (only a few short miles from our Milford Hyundai store) bought his car on craigslist and then there’s always the story of the Craigslist killer from Boston, MA. 

In the end, it may be easier and overall more profitable to just trade it in at the dealership.

My name is Jill Merriam.  I am the owner of Key Hyundai of Manchester, CT and Key Hyundai of Milford, CT.  I am a consumer advocate and this is the dirty trick free zone.  To learn more about my CT Hyundai dealers, go to http://keycars.com  To learn more about me go to http://jillforthepeople.com


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