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Dirty Trick Free Zone: Episode #19- 5 Tips to Running a Business

June 15, 2010


In today’s episode of the Car Dealer Dirty Trick Free Zone I talk about 5 tips to running a business.  I think it is so important to plan out your days in order to move your business forward everyday so I came up with these five tips to running a business.

My first tip is to plan a big rock everyday. A big rock is something big you can accomplish that day to make your business move forward. My next tip is to always put yourself in the customers shoes. Next I think it is so important to pay attention to your employees. Your employees are such a big asset to any business  so you should take time out to listen to them. My next tip is huge and that is to never stop learning.  You should try to learn everyday and you can do this in so many ways, attending seminars, reading books or even joining an industry group. My last tip to running a business is to always take time out to plan. Planning is very important and to go into everyday with at least a few things planned everyday, you should be in good shape for a successful day.

I would love to hear any tips you have to running a business, so email me directly at jillcares@keycars.com. My name is Jill Merriam, owner of Key Hyundai of Manchester and Key Hyundai of Milford, and I am the dealer for the people.

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