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Grandpa Sam’s Life Lesson to Jill Merriam Dealer For The People

December 12, 2012

Key Hyundai, used cars, dealer for the people, annoying radio Jill MerriamI recently visited my 95 year old Grandpa Sam and 93 year old Grandma Rose, who continue to guide and mentor me as a the Dealer For The People, Connecticut car dealer Key Hyundai, a small business owner, employer, wife, mom, daughter, mentor and leader.

At my last visit, we didn’t talk new cars, used cars, or any cars –  but instead I had the pleasure of hearing part of their story I had never heard before.

I always knew Grandpa took a factory job at nights when he returned from the war, but I never actually heard the “why” behind his story. My Grandpa was a poor immigrant’s son struggling for a better life; a returning vet, young dad struggling to make ends meet…not unlike many folks I get to know today!

Working Hard to Live the American Dream

Grandpa Sam lived the American dream, and through grit and determination, he established himself as a leading automotive dealer in Connecticut. Take a listen, and see if you recognize anything in his story:

It’s with that same grit and determination, I am working hard to keep his tradition of finding the best opportunities possible for Key Hyundai customers, employees, and our community.

Thanks Grandpa, for continuing to teach me what you know.

Do you have someone that you admire and continues to teach you life lessons? I’d love to hear about him or her! Write me at jillcares@keycars.com!


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