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How Jill Merriam Became the Dealer For The People

June 2, 2014

http://keycars.com/From financial expert to Dealer For The People … the evolution of a Connecticut new and used car dealer, and amazing community advocate! Here’s how Jill Merriam came to be.

Did you know that Bill Gates personally inspired me, Jill Merriam, annoying radio commercial, to become the Dealer For The People?

It’s 100% true. 

Long before I became a well-known for my Dealer For The People radio advertising, I had a very successful career in investment banking and lived all over the world.

But it was when I worked with Bill Gates at Microsoft that I decided to return home, and proudly become a third generation automotive CT business owner.

Take a listen to my story:

Today Key Hyundai proudly employs nearly 100 Connecticut residents and provides thousands of satisfied customers with the automotive solutions they need. Everyday I am grateful for the opportunity to help my community grow. Thank you Connecticut for being a great place to live and work!

Did your career path take you on an unexpected journey? Or did you, like me, end up exactly where you always wanted to be? I’d love to hear all about it, write me at jillcares@keycars.com!

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