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“Hyundai is Now the Most Successful Car Company in the US…”

March 5, 2009

That’s not my line, it’s a line from an article about Hyundai in Time Magazine. I feel so blessed to be a Hyundai dealer right now. We have the right car at the right price for today’s consumer. As I wrote in my last posting, Hyundai is the Tarzhay (Target to those who don’t shop there) of auto companies. It’s okay to buy a new car right now if you are buying a Hyundai. A Hyundai is less money than the competition, it comes with America’s Best Warranty and more recently, it comes with Hyundai Assurance Plus. If you lose your job, you get three months amnesty from payments. If after that point, you can’t make your payments, Hyundai takes the car back and you are off the hook for any financial liability. Just yesterday, we had some customers in our Manchester, CT Hyundai showroom just stopping in to see what Hyundai is and what the buzz is about. If you’ve never seen the Hyundai product line, come on down to our showroom at 21 Hartford Tpke on the Manchester/Vernon line or visit us at www.driveworryfree.com. We are no pressure place to come and shop. We are happy to show you around and have to test drive any model you’d like.

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