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Hyundai Santa Fe Surprises Busy Mom

April 8, 2011

Even the dog approves.

Hi, I’m Kate, happy to work for Jill Merriam and the nice folks at Key Hyundai in Connecticut as Key Hyundai’s community relations and social media multi-tasker.

Key Hyundai people are nice. And friendly. And personable. And they were like that even after they found out I wasn’t a customer on the showroom floor, and before they knew I was a colleague!

These are just good, honest people.

Anyways, I’m posting on Jill’s Blog with an update on the Hyundai vs. Honda Smackdown: the switcheroo of my almost-paid-off Honda Pilot to more job-friendly Hyundai Santa Fe.

First off, let me clarify why I didn’t opt for the larger, roomier Hyundai Veracruz with that third row seating. The third row is the exact reason we opted for the Pilot to begin with: our growing family needed 3rd row seating due to three teens and a tween and one very large dog.

But that was then, and this is now.

Now being, of the 4 kids, one is away at college.

And now being, gas is $3.89 in my area of Western Connecticut and I’d rather squish kids in than pay more gas money for their comfort.

So Andre and Matt at Key Hyundai Milford swapped out my Pilot for the Santa Fe, gave me the walk around, in the rain no less, and off I went!

This is a not a loaded soup-to-nuts version of the Hyundai Santa Fe, because I wanted a similar car and to not be distracted by the bells and whistles of the more laden models.

For which my kids were clearly disappointed. But I wasn’t.

Not sure what I expected in the Santa Fe, but it clearly wasn’t this.

I know it’s a back-handed compliment, and sure doesn’t look good in print and sounds worse out loud, but the Hyundai Santa Fe was waaaayyyyyy nicer than I ever expected.

The Hyundai drives smooth.

I mean, really, really smooth. Like, um, a car and not an SUV. Maybe it’s the new car smell and all, but this Santa Fe rides real nice. Not at all boxy or truck like, and very manageable in the grocery store parking lots and SUV laden soccer fields.

It even hits the Connecticut potholes with a less jarring effect on car – and driver.

Not what the loaner agreement I signed had in mind, but a fact driving on Connecticut roads after Snowpocalypse 2011.

But the best part so far?

I’ve had the car 3-1/2 days, have traveled 178 miles (not what nice folks at Key Hyundai had in mind either, I’m sure!) at no more than 40 mph doing the drop off, pick up carpool thing, and people?

I still have half a tank of gas.

Unless they’ve got a 40 gallon tank hidden in this car somewhere, Hyundai is a clear winner.

So far, so good! Will be doing highway driving this weekend, criss-crossing the state for soccer and lacrosse games so we’ll see how the highway miles treat us.

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