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Hyundai vs. Honda Smackdown

March 31, 2011
Honda vs. Hyundai

Key Hyundai sets out to convince a busy mom of 4!

At Key Hyundai Connecticut, I recently hired a new marketing-social media-juggler-content-creator-copywriter-community-outreach-developer who has about 1000 kids, does not support the Red Sox (hmmph), and drives – gasp – a Honda Pilot.

You heard me right. A Honda.

But I hired her anyways.

But geesh, that Pilot sure is a thorn in my side.

Kate confided they bought the Pilot because when she jammed her tallest kid (7th grade, 5’8) into the back seat, she fit, and therefore the car was purchased.

Oh, if selling cars were always that easy.

gas mileage
She doesn’t drive a Hyundai — yet.

She admits she has no brand loyalty to Honda or any car manufacturer. [CUE SCREAM!]

Over the years, she’s owned VW (twice), Nissan Maxima, done the mini-van thing (Dodge Caravan twice), Saturn Outlook, and today, the Honda Pilot. Her husband drives a Dodge pick-up, and her college girl drove Grandma’s 1993 Toyota Camry…right into the woods.

I tried not to show my absolute disgust at the obvious omission in her automotive repertoire.

I’m more than a little miffed at the huge glaring hole in her vehicular history. But I hired her anyways because she’s wickedly smart, equally funny, and taught me twitter (follow me! @KeyHyundai).

With gas approaching $4/gallon here in Connecticut, we are performing a teeny-tiny experiment.

Kate puts about 50 miles on her car each day with driving the non-drivers in her brood; it’s about 300 miles a week, seldom over 35 mph. Track, swim meets, orthodontists, soccer, “Odyssey-of-the-friggin’-Mind” (her words, not mine), drama, lifeguarding, driver’s ed.

Kate’s family consists of three teens and a tween, a rather large dog, she and her tired husband, who line up the dominoes and start shuffling kids to stuff at about 3:00 pm and end about 7, 8, or 9. Depending on how life goes any particular day.

She is my future, as my kids are still safely buckled into car seats and have yet to make a competitive sports team nor an Odyssey of the Whatever and we’re years away from driver’s ed (cringe!).

So I made her a proposition, rather a major smackdown challenge:

Hyundai Santa Fe vs. Honda Pilot

Head to head: Hyundai for family life – her’s.

Comfort, carpooling, crushed kids, sports gear, and my slamdunk, mileage, to see if bigger is always better. In town, schlepping kids to and from, doing the mom thing she squeezes in around the work thing.

And no, Kate, those are not billable hours.

Stay tuned.


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