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Key Hyundai Connecticut Employee Brag Fest

August 1, 2011
Key Hyundai employees customer service

Key Hyundai staff makes CT customers very happy!

Please allow me to brag for a brief moment to blog about the great employees at Key Hyundai because frankly, these people ROCK. Yeah, yeah, I know, they work for me. But seriously? It’s the Key Hyundai customers who tell me just about daily how someone from Key Hyundai went above and beyond, and I’m so very grateful for it.

The Key Hyundai of Milford staff continues to jump through hoops, greeting each and every customer personally and opening a dialogue that unravels exactly what they need in a nicer, newer car. They are trusted members of the community and on a first name basis with so many who walk through out doors. Thanks guys for doing what you do so well.

Key Hyundai of Manchester does the same, but these days they do so in temporary trailers on site while we proceed with a massive, $2.5 million renovation (which is a complete tear-down and rebuild, on-site!) Despite bulldozers and cement trucks and steel beams, Key Hyundai of Manchester continues on, Business As Usual! The challenging environment doesn’t deter anyone as they deliver premier customer service, going above and beyond every day.

I can’t thank everybody enough, and I don’t do it often enough. But thankfully, our customers do:

Good Morning Jill,

I hope you are doing well.  If you would be kind enough to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this email praising an employee of yours, I would be very appreciative.

I would like to commend Manny Gonzalez for his superior customer service, patience and compassion.  Not only is he one of the most sincere and enthusiastic employees at Hyundai, but he is one of the most down to earth human beings.  You are truly lucky to have Manny as an employee.

In 2010, my family purchased four new Hyundai’s in less than a year.  My parents both own Santa Fe’s and my little sister purchased an Elantra.  I was lucky enough to buy the beautiful 2011 Sonata.  With each purchase, we were all lucky enough to deal directly with Manny, both in Manchester and Milford.  He is always in a wonderful mood, smiling, eager to help out in any way.  He served as a truly supportive and honest friend within all of the dealings that go into purchasing a new car.

Just recently, I received some bad news and found out I was losing my sales job.  While I was servicing my car in Milford, I popped into Manny’s office to say hi and we ended up talking about my job.  He immediately asked if there was anything he could do.  I inquired about the Hyundai assistance program and if it would apply to my situation.  Manny was so helpful and supportive, was able to locate my signed papers and send them to me in order to start the return process if necessary.  I ended up keeping my car for 2 more months so that I would have a vehicle for interviewing out of state.

Luckily, I just got a new job, that comes with a company car.  I clearly do not need two vehicles, especially with gas prices today.  I called and asked Manny what could be done, if anything regarding a possible trade in back to Hyundai.  Manny was also very influential in the recent trade-in of my Sonata.  He assisted me in having my car appraised and a deal constructed between Andre and his manager.

Manny has been nothing short of fabulous the entire time I have had the pleasure of knowing him.  He is one of the most sincere and compassionate people I know.  I would like to ask you to consider giving Manny some type of special praise or accommodation, whether it be a monetary bonus or award of appreciation for an amazing job done!!

I thank you for you time.

Best Regards,
Stacey Willis*

*Reprinted with permission by Stacey Willis.

Thank you Stacey. And countless others who write, review, and share their experiences at Key Hyundai. You make us better at what we do.

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