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Key Hyundai FTC Complaints Brings Out Best in Hyundai Dealers

March 22, 2012

Despite the recent FTC media frenzy here in Connecticut, I went to my 20 group Hyundai meeting in the amazing New Orleans, where the 20 Hyundai dealers from across the nation, get together to find out what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do to bring the best experience to customers. These are crazy smart, generous people who share their brilliance willingly.

I was a little nervous to go, in light Key Hyundai of being singled out by the FTC for deceptive advertising. I was hoping these folks would dig a little deeper, trust the Jill they’ve come to know, and reflect on the work ethic and morals I’ve exhibited consistently, in work and in life.

I was right. Here’s my reflection and unwavering gratefulness for friends and colleagues:

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