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Key Hyundai FTC Complaints, Deceptive Advertising & A Thank You to NBC Connecticut

March 16, 2012

So the FTC car dealer news this week was explosive with news of Key Hyundai Vernon | Manchester, Key Hyundai Milford, Jill Merriam and FTC, deceptive advertising, negative equity and all of it linked directly to my Key Hyundai and my reputation and my character. OUCH. Been a rough week!

While many sources picked up the story and ran with it, only one researched and found out exactly what the citation was for, what the error was, and why I stand by what we said because we mean it: we can get you in a nicer newer car,and get out out of a car you no longer want to, or can afford to, drive. It’s what we do: we meet customers who have a problem and find an affordable, relialbe, agreeable solution to their specific situation.

Thank you Chris Coffey and NBC Connecticut for calling, following up, interviewing and airing the WHOLE story. The fact that yes, we inadvertently did not have the necessary disclaimers on two YouTube videos: that we are guilty of and we took them down immediately. But we do stand by our message: provide solutions to customers circumstances; do not push product. Here’s my shout out to NBC Connecticut for giving me a chance to speak.

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