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Key Hyundai helps Homeless with Journey Home

March 7, 2016
Key Hyundai supports Journey Home CT helping Hartford homeless

Jill Merriam volunteers at Journey Home to help Hartford homeless.

At Key Hyundai, Connecticut favorite new and used car dealership, we love our community, as a company, team, and family, we volunteer as often as possible.

Jill Merriam especially, CT’s Dealer For The People, volunteers and gives back to the CT community all the time, in many different ways.

Here is just one; how Jill’s own family volunteered recently at a remarkable organization in Hartford that she highly recommends.

Journey Home, is a Hartford organization helping the homeless, with a multitude of ways to volunteer. Here is how Jill and her family helped.

Take a listen to Jill Merriam’s Nicer, Newer News video about Journey Home CT, and how the stuff piling up in your garage or basement, might be a life changer for someone in need. It’s only 2 minutes long, here you go!

One by one, group by group, we can make a difference where we live. Where do you volunteer?

Tell us about it at jillcares@keycars.com, and maybe your group will be featured on Key Hyundai Nicer, Newer News!

PS: We’re having a lot of fun over on Facebook, weekly giveaways, fun photos, and community events! Be sure to give Key Hyundai a like!


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