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Key Hyundai Manchester Open for Business during Construction Destruction

July 14, 2011

And then there was none.

Key Hyundai of Manchester was whacked, smacked, bulldozed to the ground to make room for the new & improved, bigger, better, cleaner, smoother, Key Hyundai with MORE for you, our valued and treasured customers!

But none is an exaggeration, because it’s not really “none,” thanks to Key Hyundai of Manchester‘s fancy-schmancy temporary office buildings for both sales and service and administration on site and 100% Open for Business!

Don’t mock me! These contemporary temporaries are really unbelievably nice inside! A/C, comfy cozy office space, waiting area, and real, working, clean, efficient restrooms! Seriously! The restrooms are awesome and they’re WAAAYYYY nicer than our old ones! Who’d think we’d get so excited about a potty?

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