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Key Hyundai Revamps Customer Communication (and cuts the BS!)

September 8, 2011
Jill Merriam customer service matters

More Jill Merriam VIP customer service; less blah-blah-blah service!

An East Coast earthquake, then Hurricane Irene, then monstrous flooding, and now an absolute avalanche of VIP, reach-out customer communication every which way we can, from Connecticut’s Key Hyundai of Milford and Manchester!

Just got back from a WE-CAN-DO-THAT! two-day brainstorming session on staying-in-touch with our customers after they buy a car from Key Hyundai.

I know, I know: the sale is over, contracts signed, deal is done.

So why spend so many brain cells and hours and hours breaking the old-school auto-reply, for lack of better word – cow manure – way of contacting customers?

Because it’s just not me.

I’m Jill, the Dealer For The People and form letters just ain’t my style.

So we’re revamping the same ol’, same ol’ car dealership blah-blah-blah, and it may take some time, but get ready for a crisper, cleaner, VIP, concierge, fancy-pants, red-carpet treatment AFTER you buy from Key Hyundai.

I’m opting for a better, friendlier, more personal approach.

If a customer chooses Key Hyundai to buy a nicer, newer car, they’re making an investment in us, and we need to make an investment in them, and thank them continuously, long after they drive off the lot.

Too often, dealerships sell the car and are done.

But not us. Not Key Hyundai. No way, no how. We are better than that!

We have several systems in place to email, call, and write to customers, but man-oh-man, are they confusing and a bit discombobulated! They all sound the same: blah-blah-blah, and if I can’t figure it out, how can you all??

Key Hyundai Customer communication reinvented

Key Hyundai will NOT communicate like this!

So we’re having a “re-do.” A “do-over,” as kids on the playground say. As quickly as possible.

And instead of writing “what car dealerships are supposed to,” we’re dropping the auto-talk, auto-walk, and starting a face-to-face (kinda, sort-of, but not really) conversation.

No auto-car-buying-car-servicing mumbo-jumbo; no salesy promotional gibberish (although discounts and deals will most definitely be included), but real talk from a real person in a real voice. Mine. And my fabuloso Key Hyundai employees.

Key Hyundai is here for you: with a nicer newer car, with a Drive Worry Free Guarantee, and, soon, a reach-out-and-really-talk-to-the-customer VIP after-the-sale communication campaign.

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