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Key Hyundai Still Standing Strong: The Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

September 2, 2011

Key Hyundai still standing on Rte 83 in Vernon / Manchester


That’s all I have to say, is Key Hyundai is very, very lucky indeed.

Our little state of Connecticut met Hurricane Irene head on, and much of the state didn’t fare so well. But Key Hyundai staff, family, facilities and – fingers crossed – most customers escaped with only minor damage and major inconvenience.

Nicole Ball photo credit, borrowed from MilfordPatch.com

But not all. Check out Milford Patch and see photos from residents living it. Here is the beach front area facing the usually tranquil Long Island Sound, only a few miles from Key Hyundai of Milford.


But here’s the good news: neighbors helping neighbors, businesses helping businesses, communities coming together to make the world right again.

Key Hyundai of Manchester New Construction Still Standing Strong in Vernon / Manchester!

Key Hyundai of Milford remains thankfully unscathed, and in Manchester, our construction stands strong! I was so relieved when I arrived to find the door open and frame still standing!

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