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Looking for MPG, Car Buyers find Hyundai a Sweet Ride in Connecticut

May 16, 2011
Key Hyundai gas mileage Hartford Hyundai

Thanks to Perry Robbin at the Suffield Patch.com for the great photo!

Car buyers are coming into Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester desperate for better gas mileage. They’re sick of the price at the pump.

They’re traveling all the way from Waterbury, Storrs,  Suffield, Branford, Danbury and Fairfield – criss-crossing the state in search of relief from the high price of gas in Connecticut, and seeing what Hyundai can do about it.

Once car buyers arrive in the Key Hyundai showroom (proudly the highest rated dealer in CT at DealerRater.com), they find what they need with several Hyundai cars with 40 MPG, yet they still seem a bit perplexed.

Because the 2011 Hyundai Elantra, Sonata and 2012 Accent are way more than a 40 mpg ride.

They’re sleek, steady, and both ride and drive great.

And a top safety pick.

And Consumer’s Report Best Buy.

Pay-at-the-pump is certainly selling fuel-efficient cars in CT, but what’s surprising, is the response to the sleek Hyundai design that has people talking.

“What kinda car is that? A Hyundai? Really?”

Yep. Really.

Customers are turning to Hyundai vehicles for the gas mileage: plain and simple. It’s not rocket science: gas tops $4 (and gasp $5.00/gallon I heard in Stamford!) and everybody wants a re-do on their gas guzzler.

Retired couples, young families, recent grads, servicemen and women, empty-nesters. Gas is driving people to Key Hyundai for relief.

And they’re finding it here, in Milford and Manchester, at the CT family-owned, operated and valued Key Hyundai.

But here’s the kicker: the car is HOT!

CT Hyundai sonata

Fuel-efficient never looked so good!

Buyers expect a little fuel-efficient, get-me-from-point-A-to-point-B without selling my soul, but waaa-laaa! Instead, of “making do,” the 2012 Accent will blow you away! The Elantra (going, going gone!!!) and the 5 star-Sonata. Small, medium, large. One size does not fit all, but each model looks goooooooood. As in really, really good.

This is not the Hyundai you thought it was. (Unless you’re a loyal Hyundai customer and then you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

In fact, when new employee Kate first confessed she had no automotive brand loyalty whatsoever, she shared that tidbit while Hyundai window shopping.

Two different CT Hyundai dealerships told her quite adamantly: “You will now.”

And they’re right.

Sure you’ll get the 40 mpg (29.86 small-town carpooling to soccer, groceries, doc appointments, and honey-do lists and errands), but you also get a car that looks good doing it. And drives even better.

Go ahead. Visit our fine competitors at Toyota and Honda and Chevy. But make the stop at Key Hyundai of Manchester or Key Hyundai of Milford before you sign that dotted line, because Hyundai is a top safety Consumer Pick, 40 mpg/29 city, rides great, and looks sick. Which is apparently a good thing.

Or sharp as our distinguished customers say. Even sexy, as different customers comment. Hot from our first-time new car buyers. Sweet, we’ve heard more than once on test-drives.

My favorite?  “Beast” as one 11 year old boy announced.

I like that. Hyundai Beast – with 5-star safety rating.

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