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September 19, 2011
Key Hyundai Vernon Open for Business

That's a whole lotta Jill for the People!

The new building is going up right before our eyes, and all I can say is WOW.

We recently put up additional banners announcing how the new Key Hyundai of Manchester will bring MORE to the community: MORE Value,  MORE Service, MORE Solutions, MORE financing – MORE of what you need when looking to buy a nicer, newer car.

Selling Cars Out of Trailers at Key Hyundai of Manchester

It’s true, and despite a bit of ribbing from competitors, we are selling cars out of trailers. LOTS OF THEM.

We’re open for business, and if you stop in today, you’ll see the trailers are not only getting the job done, but getting it done in comfort. Here’s a peek inside: but you must check it out for yourself.

Key Hyundai Construction Coupons Hit the Mailbox and In Box!

If you are already a Manchester Key Hyundai customer, watch your mail: there’s MORE where that came from! MORE postcards containing valuable coupons are hitting the mail with discounts off your bestest deal and great savings on service as well. Watch that mailbox, and watch your inbox as well; Key Hyundai emails contain the same deals!

Key Hyundai reaching new heights on Rte 83 in Vernon, CT!

Stop by Route 83 on the Vernon / Manchester line and watch us grow. We’re proud to be growing in Manchester, and are doing so to bring the CT car buying public more value, more choice, more options!

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