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Mountain Lion 0; Hyundai Tucson 1

June 13, 2011
Key Hyundai mountain lion

New to these here parts!

Weird news of the weekend.

Here in New England, a Mountain Lion was killed on a Connecticut roadway, right up the road from Key Hyundai of Milford, on the Wilbur Cross Highway. By a Hyundai Tucson. May or may not be a Key Hyundai, but it was in fact, a Hyundai. No news on the damage to the vehicle, and the driver, thankfully, was not hurt, but the 140 lb lion didn’t fare so well.

He (or she?) is officially the first mountain lion roadkill in Connecticut.

Here’s the thing: Connecticut is not known for its mountains. And it’s certainly not known for roadkill of the mountain lion variety.

Deer? Sure!

Squirrel, racoon, woodchuck, and oppossum? Check, check, check and o-check!

And even the occasional moose.

And bear.

But mountain lion?

Nope. That’s a new one. And there seems to be plenty of additional sightings as well, some 60 miles south in Greenwich, leaving us to believe there may, in fact, be more. And man, do these cats have an unbearable commute come rush hour.


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  1. j smith says:

    People need to slow down

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