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Proactive Customer Service

February 10, 2014

www.keycars.comHave you ever been frustrated by weak customer service? Ever been wowed by a company that goes above and beyond providing solutions when their customers need them most?

Whether buying a new or used Hyundai, a cup of coffee or even trying to get a flight back home, customer service is make or break for most people.

Often, airlines and bad customer service go hand-in-hand, but here’s my good news story on how one company did everything right.

What happened to this Dealer For The People recently is a lesson in proactive solution providing, excellent customer service, and how to build customer loyalty no matter whether you’re selling new or used cars, or flying people across the country!

Here’s my recent experience with JetBlue, a major snowstorm, and why proactive customer service is a lesson for all businesses.

Do you have examples of great customer service? I’d love to hear all about them at jillcares@keycars.com! Write me and tell me all about it!

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