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Recycled Motor Oil heats Connecticut’s Key Hyundai dealerships

April 20, 2011
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Used motor oil heats Key Hyundai in Milford and Manchester

Earth Day celebrations are fun and timely and warrant a lot of media attention. All those tiny acts sure add up to a billion acts of green!

The thing is, you don’t have to do a lot; you just need to do something.

At Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, we do our part to conserve, recycle, reuse.

It’s habit, and I never thought that it’d be “news-worthy” until a random tweet from Ryan Hanrahan from NBC30 Connecticut asked ‘what does your business do to recycle‘ that I simply tweeted back:

@KeyHyundai reuses customer motor oil to heat our 2 shops.

Recycling that is so automatic, I did not considered that Key Hyundai did anything special! Boy was I wrong!

To the rest of CT, what we do is big news.

Ryan Hanrahan at NBC Connecticut seemed impressed enough to come pay us a visit in Milford to see our efforts in action. Right before he arrived, I quickly grabbed the camera to shoot this.

An oil change at Key Hyundai put to good use!

When customers (about 8,000 oil changes a year!) service their cars at Key Hyundai of Milford and Key Hyundai of Manchester, we don’t toss the used motor oil.

We reuse their vehicle oil to heat both our Connecticut Hyundai shops: both Milford and Manchester. The oil reused saves about 2 tanker trucks (15,000 gallons) of oil from entering the watershed, and with each oil change taking about a gallon of oil, that’s a lot of oil saved each year from going into our rivers and streams.

Recycle DIY Oil Changes at Key Hyundai

About 20-30% of Americans still do their own oil changes at home.  If you are one of those DIY oil changers, what do you do with your waste oil?  I encourage you to bring it to Key Hyundai and we will gladly recycle it for you. If you live outside Connecticut, find a local repair facility that will take it from you.  Keep in mind that one gallon of oil can pollute up to a million gallons of water.  We all need to do our part from not letting that happen.

There are other uses for waste oil, like providing radiant heat through a waste oil water boiler. Key Hyundai of Manchester is about to go through a major rebuild of our facility, and we are exploring all the latest environmental features available.

Rest assured that when you get an oil change at Key Hyundai, you can feel comfortable knowing we reuse your oil and save it from polluting our local Connecticut rivers and streams.

Saving Key Hyundai big bucks on heating the shops.

And passing those savings onto the customers, which is why servicing your car at Key Hyundai is so much less than a quick lube. And we wash your car too – in Milford, but available in Manchester once our rebuild is complete!

Come by and see for yourself how we do what we do, or watch the newscast at NBC Connecticut to see the recycle in action!

Do your part this Earth Day and everyday, however small it is. Because the residual effects are long-lasting, and the good karma created just might land you on the news!

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