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Road Trip American Style

July 26, 2011

Key Hyundai Milford ConnecticutJust returned from a family road trip with Rob, Carly and Brady to the up-up-upper reaches of Vermont.

Way, way, way upper. Where internet and cell service is scarce, and having nothing to do is exactly what the vacation doctor ordered!

We traveled far north, near the Canadian border (where, by the way, Hyundai outsold everything and every body in the 1st 6 months of the Canook automotive world … but I’m off topic here!)

Driving in July you can’t help but notice car after car chock full of vacation life: tents, bikes, wagons, kayaks, canoes, all strapped on board. The inside bursting full with backpacks and chips and sleeping bags and stuffed animals (sometimes real!), and kids.

Lots of kids.

Kids in car seats, tweens set three across, teens calling shotgun for the front, while a mom or dad or the occasional grandparent sits wedged in back.

It’s family vacation time USA style, and it never fails to bring a smile to my heart!

So strap them in safely, check your car before you hit the road, and, above all, drive safely. We want you to have a great trip, and we want you back home in Connecticut, safe and sound.

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