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The Hyundai Genesis Almost Won Motortrend’s Car of the Year?

February 25, 2009

According to a blog recently posted on Motortrend, the Hyundai Genesis almost won car of the year. Just a couple of tweaks held it back. It’s interesting to keep hearing all the buzz about Hyundai. I am starting to think that it’s becoming cool to own a Hyundai. It’s almost cool in the way that Target became a cool place to shop. Target, which people started pronouncing Tarzhay, appealed to the buyer who was looking for great deals with hip designs. I know that I have to control myself from going into my local Manchester, CT Target because I’ll be tempted to walk out with a pair of cute shoes along with the diapers and wipes that I need. Hyundai’s no different, you get amazing design at a fraction of the cost of other car company’s vehicles. And, it’s been almost 20 years since quality issues plagued the company. So we now have a new generation of buyers who don’t associate Hyundai with quality issues. With the economy iced down, it’s now en vogue to be frugal – that’s just Hyundai’s cherry on top of it’s delicious sundae. To learn more about what Hyundai can offer, visist www.driveworryfree.com, CT’s Hyundai dealer serving Hartford, Manchester, Willimantic and beyond for many years.

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