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The Secret to Negotiating a Great Car Deal

May 9, 2013

Jill Merriam shares the auto industry secret to negotiate the best car deal!

What’s the best way to negotiate a new or used car deal?

That’s the #1 question I get as soon as people find out I’m the Connecticut car dealer woman from the radio: Jill Merriam, the Dealer For The People! “How can I get a great deal on a new or used car?”

They want the inside scoop on how to get the best deal, like it’s a big secret or something!

So I tell them, and they look at me in shock.

Sure there’s lots of research available on line for new and used car purchases, and many reputable sites to do your homework before you come in to buy a car. And don’t skimp on the homework, or knowing your credit rating, or making sure you only do business with a reputable dealer. This is vital to a successful purchase!

But here’s the secret sauce that will seal the deal when you want a nicer, newer car:


That’s seriously all there is to it. Do your homework, and be nice. Give it a try with any purchase, car, sandwich, furniture! You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the opportunity will arise! Let me know how it works out for you: write me at jillcares@keycars.com!

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