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Twitter Friends Grow Small Business in Connecticut

August 17, 2011

Key Hyundai meets Cafe Lulu's in Bridgeport!

Car dealers, even Key Hyundai, are notorious for going slowly into new media, even when the new media ain’t so new anymore! I too, was reluctant, but you know what’s cooler than cool?

Twitter. The ability to communicate in real-time to real people, albeit invisible people! And it’s helping my business, and lots of small, local community based businesses grow as well.

How Twitter Saved the Day and Supports CT Business!

Yesterday started with a boring, yet very important meeting in Bridgeport first thing in the morning. Then a not-so-boring, in fact, very exciting meeting at Key Hyundai of Milford! Then I had to hustle off to Manchester, then a work dinner at one of my favorite places, Wood N Tap.

I always support local business wherever and whenever possible, and am discovering Twitter is doing so as well!

Here’s a real-life example as fresh as yesterday proving Twitter supports local business.

Before criss-crossing Connecticut for work (thank you 40 mpg Hyundai!), I needed to catch up with Kate and needed a good, convenient place to meet with coffee and wi-fi.

We had much to discuss: all the goings on for Key’s MORE for the people construction at Key Hyundai of Manchester, the Westfield CT Milford Post Mall showcase of Key Hyundai cars, Cruisin’ On Main Street classic car show in Manchester, speaking engagements at MCC and HVCC, and the hundreds of other Key Hyundai balls we’re juggling!

Where to go in Bridgeport??? I didn’t know, so I asked Twitter. And @Bambambpt and @BridgeportYMCA both came back shouting Cafe Lulu’s, across from Housatonic Valley Community College.

One word: Delish. Maybe two: terrific & delicious!

Great food, amazing service – the owner (who I’m kicking myself over not getting his name!) noticed us on a conference call and turned down the terrific music. The coffee, amazing! He brought us bottles of water when he realized we had set up shop in his restaurant, just set them down while we were working.

So we stayed for lunch, and am so glad we did. The food was better than ever. Great panini’s and salads and a Mediterranean tuna salad that mmmmmmmm, I want to return right now!

This is not a chain. This is a guy with a dream working hard to make it work. A local business in downtown Bridgeport making a go of it. And thanks to our invisible Twitter friends, we too are fans and will send our followers there as well.

Thanks Twitter for the referral. And for helping small business grow.


3 Responses to “Twitter Friends Grow Small Business in Connecticut”

  1. jmerriam says:

    My bad… this was supposed to post a while back… I guess I never hit submit! Too busy with all the construction building goings on in Manchester, and the CT Post Mall activity down here in Milford. Good time to be selling Hyundai’s, that’s for sure! Stop by Cafe Lulu’s — you’re gonna love it!

  2. iwas at key in milford on monday…santos was alone…55 apts later he was still smiling,, I was there after work …in and out in 40 min.. key service i milford is the greatest group of gentlemen..

    dianne poulsen

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